Faye Moyes






Research Assistant


Data Management & Analysis

I graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2005 with a BSc(Hons) in Internet Computer Science and my interest lies predominantly in data and data analysis. I also have a strong interest in spatio-temporal biodiversity and conservation ecology.

My role within the group is predominantly the design and maintenance of the related web sites and databases, in addition to analysis of some of the data within BioTIME. Our database of studies currently holds over 12 million records and is constantly expanding. Part of my role involves the cleaning and preparation of data in order to ensure that the quality and format is sufficient for inclusion in our database.

I am keen to explore possible spatial trends within the data and have a particular interest in fish diversity. I am also interested in investigating possible links with changes in fish community compositions to the changing human communities around Scotland’s coastline and am currently working towards a PhD in this field on a part time basis.


Prof Anne Magurran (University of St. Andrews),

Research Interests

  • Spatial and temporal trends in biodiversity
  • Marine fish diversity
  • Scottish fish and fishing communities