Faith Jones







PhD Student

How is biodiversity changing at regional to global scales, and how should we quantify this change?

My main project, supervised by Professor Anne Magurran, focuses on analysing the BioTIME database. This is a database of assemblage time series collected from all over the world and as many different habitats as possible. With this data I hope to get a better understanding of global patterns of biodiversity change, as well as finding what element of an assemblage are more and less likely to show change. This information should help focus appropriate monitoring and contribute to a better understanding of the process of ecological change.

I also work with researchers at the University of the West Indies. Here I am interested mostly in the freshwater fish assemblages, especially how the composition of the communities influences community properties such as predation, and how variable they are. I am also interested in the use of historical museum records held by the University of the West Indies in estimating regional species counts for under sampled taxa in Trinidad and Tobago.

My project is funded through the School of Biology’s PhD Apprentice scheme where I spend 25% of my time undertaking teaching activities, including demonstrating in laboratory practicals.

Professor Anne Magurran

Research Interests

I am interested in the role of ecological research in furthering conservation goals. Within this broad topic, I am specifically interested in:

  • How long term studies can be used to further our understanding of biodiversity and the factors influencing it
  • Differences and similarities between the functioning of different ecosystems
  • The application of knowledge and understanding of biodiversity in practical conservation work