Ada Fontrodona Eslava






Masters (Research) Student

The aim of my master degree has been to evaluate the importance of multi-currency approaches in the assessment of biodiversity change in ecological communities. To this goal, I have examined how two currencies commonly used to measure the abundance of species (individual counts and biomass) influence our view of the biodiversity change experienced by freshwater fish assemblages in the Northern Range, Trinidad, that were monitored over 5 years. I have compared the information revealed by each currency in the analyses of the functional and the taxonomic dimensions of the diversity of these assemblages.

Abundance data provide insight into the commonness and rarity of taxa. However, alternative currencies can order species differently along the commonness-rarity gradient and depict inequivalent abundance structures of communities. Therefore, the combined use of currencies could provide a deeper understanding of biodiversity patterns taking place over temporal or other ecological gradients.


Prof Anne Magurran (University of St. Andrews),

Research Interests