Our research is aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of change in biological diversity. We focus on multiple levels and types of diversity: within and among species, communities and ecosystems. We are also concerned with understanding behaviour, how it evolves and is maintained, how it shapes evolution, and its role in generating and maintaining biodiversity.

We conduct research on a wide range of taxa including corals, spiders, birds, aquatic invertebrates, plants and diatoms but most of the group works with fishes, focusing primarily on guppies, minnows, salmonids and marine larvae.

We are an international group of people and have ongoing projects and collaborations distributed worldwide…

Trinidad: 01
Temporal changes in biodiversity of freshwater streams

Amy Deacon, Anne Magurran, Alfredo Ojanguren
Trinidad: 02
Behavioural traits of native guppies

Morelia Camacho
Trinidad: 03
Thermal ecology of guppies

Al Reeve
Mexico 01
Behavioural traits of invasive guppies

Morelia Camacho
Mexico 02
Evolutionary ecology of goodeid fishes

Anne Magurran
Brazil 01
Biological diversity of aquatic and plant communities

Anne Magurran
Brazil 02
Invasive species in a biodiversity hotspot

Alessandra Kortz
Behavioural ecology of larval fish

Alfredo Ojanguren
Australia 01
Coral reef demography

Maria Dornelas
Australia 02
Estimating marine biodiversity

Hideysasu Shimadzu
Australia 03
Ecological modelling

Hideysasu Shimadzu
Coral reef conservation and poverty alleviation

Maria Dornelas, Isabel Marques da Silva
Scientific advisor, Centre for Invasion Biology

Anne Magurran
Thermal experience on routine activity patterns

Alfredo Ojanguren
Data modelling, Data Science

Hideysasu Shimadzu
Spain 01
Communicating conservation science to general audiences

Alfredo Ojanguren
Spain 02
Community dynamics of phytoplankton

Maria Dornelas
Estimating species richness of Thailand freshwater fish

Anne Magurran
Guppies as mosquito control agents

Amy Deacon
Social behaviour of European minnows

Anne Magurran, Alfredo Ojanguren
UK:Western Isles
UK: St Andrews
Arthropod biodiversity in urban gardens

Grant Brown
Arthropod diversity in coastal habitats

Anne Magurran
Phenotypic response to environmental uncertainty

Miguel Barbosa
Shark behaviour during longline capture events

Alfredo Ojanguren
Sex-specific phenotypic responses to temperature

Anne Magurran, Alfredo Ojanguren
Scientific Advisory Board

Anne Magurran
Evolutionary ecology

Anne Magurran
Stream fish ecology

Anne Magurran