The DECAF project was a 3.5 year research program designed to develop and implement methods for estimating cetacean density from passive acoustics.  The project officially ended in February 2011, although many of the team members have continued further developing and refining the methods.  The project was a great success: we achieved almost everything we set out to do, and also managed a few additional case studies.  More details of our achievements are given in our Final Report, on the Project Outputs page.

If you’re interested in learning about the methods we developed, a good place to start is a reasonably short and non-technical review paper we wrote, Thomas and Marques 2012, available here or from the Project Outputs page.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our work.

Project proposal

More details of the project are given here.  This content comes largely from the project proposal.

Funding sources

DECAF was selected for funding under the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, a body that coordinates research initiatives among US federal and industrial partners.  The partners funding our project are the Ocean Acoustics Program of the US National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Protected Resources and the Joint Industry Program.  Funds come to us via the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Our more recent work, since DECAF, has been funded from a variety of sources.  The review papers were written under funding from the US Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, Energy and Environmental Readiness Division (Code N45).