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Beyond adult stem cells Cinzia Ferrario, Michela Sugni, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai, Loriano Ballarin
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2020 vol. 8
The sensory peripheral nervous system in the tail of a cephalochordate studied by serial blockface scanning electron microscopy (SBSEM) Nicholas Holland, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai
The Journal of Comparative Neurology 2020 vol. 528 pp. 2569-2582
Light sheet microscopy with acoustic sample confinement Zhengyi Yang, Katy LH Cole, Yongqiang Qiu, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai, Philip Wijesinghe, Jonathan Nylk, Sandy Cochran, Gabriel C Spalding, David A Lyons, Kishan Dholakia
Nature Communications 2019 vol. 10
Pax3/7 duplicated and diverged independently in amphioxus, the basal chordate lineage David Ellard Keith Ferrier, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai
Scientific Reports 2018 vol. 8