Light-based innovation for the biosciences


Dr. Paolo Annibale

School of Physics and Astronomy

Single-molecule cellular biophysics

Keywords: Single-molecule super-resolution, fluctuation spectroscopy, GCPR signalling, pharmacology

Dr. Marcus Bischoff

School of Biology

Developmental biology

Keywords: Developmental and cell biology of Drosophila, morphogenesis, in vivo 4D imaging, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell migration, tissue mechanics

Prof. Tom Brown

School of Physics and Astronomy

Ultra-fast biophotonics

Optical coherence tomography, photodynamic theraphy, femtosecond lasers

Prof. Kishan Dholakia

School of Physics and Astronomy

Optical Manipulation

Keywords: optical trapping, light-sheet microscopy, super-resolution, raman spectroscopy

Prof. Andrea di Falco

School of Physics and Astronomy

Synthetic Optics

Keywords: nanophotonics, metamaterials, non-linear optics, photonic crystals, plasmonics

Dr. Gayle Doherty

School of Psychology and Neurosciences

Signalling pathways and neurological disorders

Keywords: peptide-based therapies, neurodegeneration, cell survival, intracellular signalling

Dr. David Ferrier

School of Biology

EDGE: Evolutionary developmental Genomics Researach Group

Keywords: organism evolution-development, Hox genes, amphioxus

Prof. Malte Gather

School of Physics and Astronomy

Soft-matter photonics

Keywords: organic electronics, cellular biomechanics, living lasers, nanophotonic biosensors

Prof. Frank Gunn-Moore

School of Biology

Molecular Neurobiology

Keywords: Dementia, biochemistry, neurobiology, drug discovery, biophotonics


Dr. Morag Mansley

School of Medicine

Epithelial ion/solute transport

Keywords: protein trafficking, electrophysiology, transcriptomic profiling, corticosteroid movement


Dr Michael Mazilu

School of Physics and Astronomy

Optical Eigenmodes

Keywords: modelling light-matter interaction,  subwavelength focussing, structured illumination

Prof. Gareth Miles

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

Neural control of movement

Keywords: neuroscience, motor control, spinal cord, motor neuron disease

Prof. Carlos Penedo

School of Physics and Astronomy, School of Biology

Laboratory for biophysics and biomolecular dynamics

Keywords: single-molecule biophysics, protein-DNA interactions, RNA folding, organic electronics


Dr. Samantha Pitt

School of Medicine

Metal ions in medicine

Keywords: cardiovascular research, ion channels, calcium signalling, pharmacology, electrophysiology

Dr. Stephan Pulver

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

Neural control of locomotion in Drosophila

Keywords: Drosophila, motor control, central pattern generators, neuroethology, neuromodulation

Dr. Paul Reynolds

School of Medicine

Systems pathology and cancer

Keywords: Celullar medicine, systems pathology, cancer drug resistance, podocyte mechanobiology

Prof. Ifor Samuel

School of Physics and Astronomy

Organic semiconductor center

Keywords: photodynamic theraphy, diagnostics and sensing, organic semiconductors, fluorescence, wearable optoelectronics

Dr. Judith Sleeman

School of Biology

RNA maturation and transport

Keywords: Cajal bodies, RNA splicing, in vivo imaging, spinal muscular atrophy

Dr Ildiko Somorjai

School of Biology

Comparative regeneration and development

Keywords: amphioxus, regeneration, development, evolution, invertebrate-vertebrate transition

Dr Alan Stewart

School of Medicine

Metal handling in blood plasma

Keywords: albumin, haemostasis, metals, proteomics, thrombosis, zinc.

Dr. Javier Tello

School of Medicine

Molecular medicine

Keywords: hormones, reproduction, fertility, neuroendocrinology, neuropeptides

Dr. Jens Tilsner

School of Biology and James Hutton Institute

Plant molecular virology

Keywprds: plasmodesmata, plant viruses, RNA imaging, cell biology

Prof. Graham Turnbull

School of Physics and Astronomy

Organic semiconductor center

Soft materials, chemical sensing, nanophotonics, laser development


Dr. Juan Varela

School of Biology

 Neurophotonics at the nanoscale

Keywords: single-molecule in vivo imaging, biophysics, protein aggregates and clearance in neurological disorders

Dr. Kenny Wood

School of Physics and Astronomy

Light propagation in biological tissue

Keywords: Monte Carlo simulations, scattering, photodynamic therapy

Dr. Maarten Zwart

School of Psychology and Neurosciences


Keywords: generation of movement by the brain, imaging, electrophysiology



Dr. Mike MacDonald

University of Dundee

Biophotonics research group

Keywords: light-sheet imaging, cell sorting, opto-acoustics

Dr. Tom Vettenburg

University of Dundee

Computational microscopy lab

Keywords: optical aberrations, light propagation heterogeneous materials, light-sheet microscopy