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More than one-to-four via 2R David Ellard Keith Ferrier
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2020 vol. 37 pp. 2966-2982
Coherent oscillations of a levitated birefringent microsphere in vacuum driven by nonconservative rotation-translation coupling Yoshihiko Arita, Stephen Simpson, Pavel Zemanek, Kishan Dholakia
Science Advances 2020 vol. 6
Photopolymerization with high-order Bessel light beams Yoshihiko Arita, Junhyung Lee, Haruki Kawaguchi, Reimon Matsuo, Katsuhiko Miyamoto, Kishan Dholakia, Takashige Omatsu
Optics Letters 2020 vol. 45 pp. 4080-4083
Real-time monitoring of live mycobacteria with a microfluidic acoustic-Raman platform Mingzhou Chen, Bjorn Hammarstrom, Robert Hammond, Peter Glynne-Jones, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Kishan Dholakia
Communications Biology 2020 vol. 3
Ubiquitin transfer by a RING E3 ligase occurs from a closed E2~Ub conformation Carlos Penedo, Ronald Thomas Hay
Nature Communications 2020 vol. 11
Bi-directional communication between neurons and astrocytes modulates spinal motor circuits Matthew James Broadhead, Gareth Brian Miles
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 2020 vol. 14
Nanostructural diversity of synapses in the mammalian spinal cord Matthew James Broadhead, Lauren Arcinas, Sumi Bez, Fei Zhu, Jonathan Nylk, Kishan Dholakia, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Seth G.N. Grant, Gareth Brian Miles
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
A new laser technique designed to authenticate rare whisky could also detect disease Graham David Bruce, Kishan Dholakia
The Conversation 2020
Femtometer-resolved simultaneous measurement of multiple laser wavelengths in a speckle wavemeter Graham David Bruce, Laura O'Donnell, Mingzhou Chen, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Letters 2020 vol. 45 pp. 1926-1929
Optical analysis of homocysteine metabolites using vibrational spectroscopy Mingzhou Chen, Gayle Helane Doherty, Kishan Dholakia
OSA Continuum 2020 vol. 3 pp. 1958-1966
Neuroprotective actions of leptin facilitated through balancing mitochondrial morphology and improving mitochondrial function Matthew Buchan, Karina Vitanova, Laura Aitken, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Rona R. Ramsay, Gayle Helane Doherty
Journal of Neurochemistry 2020 vol. 155 pp. 191-206
Molecular identification of potential aquaculture pathogens adherent to cnidarian zooplankton Morag Clinton, Christian Delannoy, Andrew Stuart Brierley, David Ellard Keith Ferrier
Aquaculture 2020 vol. 518
Widefield light sheet microscopy using an Airy beam combined with deep-learning super-resolution Stella Corsetti, Philip Wijesinghe, Shuzo Sakata, Kushi Vyas, C Simon Herrington, Jonathan Nylk, Kishan Dholakia
OSA Continuum 2020 vol. 3 pp. 1068-1083
Ovarian hormones induce de novo DNA methyltransferase expression in the Siberian hamster suprachiasmatic nucleus Chris S. Coyle, Federico Caso, Elisabetta Tolla, Perry Barrett, Kenneth G. Onishi, Javier Ananda Tello, Tyler John Stevenson
Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2020 vol. 32
Direct measurement of vertical forces shows correlation between mechanical activity and proteolytic ability of invadopodia Nils Michael Kronenberg, J.E. Segall, M.B. Prystowsky, Malte Christian Gather
Science Advances 2020 vol. 6
Brain region–specific lipid alterations in the PLB4 hBACE1 knock-in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Frank J Gunn-Moore, Bettina Platt, Terry K Smith
Lipids in Health and Disease 2020 vol. 19
Comparing acoustic and optical forces for biomedical research Kishan Dholakia, Bruce W. Drinkwater, Monika Ritsch-Marte
Nature Reviews Physics 2020 vol. 2 pp. 480–491
Multiphoton propagation eigenmodes for sum-frequency generation Kyle Ballantine, Michael Mazilu
Optics Communications 2020 vol. 466
Speckle-based determination of the polarisation state of single and multiple laser beams Graham David Bruce, Kishan Dholakia
OSA Continuum 2020 vol. 3 pp. 1302-1313
Improving the recovery and detection of bloodstream pathogens from blood culture Kerry Falconer, Robert Hammond, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Journal of Medical Microbiology 2020 vol. 69 pp. 806-811
Beyond adult stem cells Cinzia Ferrario, Michela Sugni, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai, Loriano Ballarin
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2020 vol. 8
Through-bottle whisky sensing and classification using Raman spectroscopy in an axicon-based backscattering configuration Holly Anne Fleming, Mingzhou Chen, Graham David Bruce, Kishan Dholakia
Analytical Methods 2020 vol. 12 pp. 4572-4578
Is laser repetition rate important for two-photon light sheet microscopy? Adria Escobet Montalban, Jason Early, Graham David Bruce, Kishan Dholakia
OSA Continuum 2020 vol. 3 pp. 2935
Annealing-enhanced birefringence and aggregation in MEH-PPV Olivier Pierre Marie Gaudin, Ifor David William Samuel, Samia Amriou, Paul L. Burn
Journal of Applied Physics 2020 vol. 127
Genome Wide Association Study reveals new insights into the heritability and genetic correlates of developmental dyslexia Alessandro Gialluisi, Till F M Andlauer, Nazanin Mirza-Schreiber, Kristina Moll, Jessica Becker, Per Hoffman, Krestin U Ludwig, Darina Czamara, Beate St Pourcain, Ferenc Honbolygó, Dénes Tóth, Valéria Csépe, Guillaume Huguet, Yves Chaix, Stephanie Iannuzzi, Jean-Francois Demonet, Andrew P Morris, Jacqueline Hulslander, Erik G Willcutt, John C DeFries, Richard K Olson, Shelley D Smith, Bruce F Pennington, Anniek Vaessen, Urs Maurer, Heikki Lyytinen, Myriam Peyrard-Janvid, Paavo H T Leppänen, Daniel Brandeis, Milene Bonte, John F Stein, Joel B Talcott, Fabien Fauchereau, Arndt Wilcke, Holger Kirsten, Bent Müller, Clyde Francks, Thomas Bourgeron, Anthony P Monaco, Franck Ramus, Karin Landerl, Juha Kere, Thomas S Scerri, Silvia Paracchini, Simon E Fisher, Johannes Schumacher, Markus M Nöthen, Bertram Müller-Myhsok, Gerd Schulte-Körne
Molecular Psychiatry 2020
Deep learning enabled laser speckle wavemeter with a high dynamic range Roopam Gupta, Graham David Bruce, Simon John Powis, Kishan Dholakia
Laser & Photonics Reviews 2020 vol. 14
Sensing of explosive vapor by hybrid perovskites N. J. L. K. Davis, Ross Gillanders, D. Credington, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
APL Materials 2020 vol. 8
Suppression of ovarian hormones in adolescent rats has no effect on anxiety-like behaviour or c-fos activation in the amygdala Claire Richmond, Javier Ananda Tello, Gillian Ruth Brown
Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2020 vol. 32
The sensory peripheral nervous system in the tail of a cephalochordate studied by serial blockface scanning electron microscopy (SBSEM) Nicholas Holland, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai
The Journal of Comparative Neurology 2020 vol. 528 pp. 2569-2582
Early career leaders in organic electronic materials Russell J. Holmes, Ifor David William Samuel
Synthetic Metals 2020 vol. 261
Distributed feedback lasers based on green fluorescent protein and conformal high refractive index oxide layers Caroline Murawski, Changmin Keum, Marcel Schubert, Ifor David William Samuel, Graham Turnbull, Malte Christian Gather
Laser & Photonics Reviews 2020 vol. 14
Organic light-emitting diodes based on a columnar liquid-crystalline perylene emitter Changmin Keum, David Becker, Emily Archer, Harald Bock, Heinz Kitzerow, Malte Christian Gather, Caroline Murawski
Advanced Optical Materials 2020 vol. 8
Willin/FRMD6 influences mechanical phenotype and neuronal differentiation in mammalian cells by regulating ERK1/2 activity Nils Michael Kronenberg, Frances Thompson, Kishan Dholakia, Malte Christian Gather, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 2020 vol. 14
Perspective for precision medicine for tuberculosis Christoph Lange, Rob Aarnoutse, Dumitru Chesov, Reinout van Crevel, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Hans-Peter Grobbel, Barbara Kalsdorf, Irina Kontsevaya, Arjan van Laarhoven, Tomoki Nishiguchi, Anna Mandalakas, Matthias Merker, Stefan Niemann, Niklas Köhler, Jan Heyckendorf, Maja Reimann, Morten Ruhwald, Patricia Sanchez-Carballo, Dominik Schwudke, Franziska Waldow, Andrew R. DiNardo
Frontiers in Immunology 2020 vol. 11
Reconstruction of ancient homeobox gene linkages inferred from a new high-quality assembly of the Hong Kong oyster (Magallana hongkongensis) genome Yiqian Li, Wenyan Nong, Tobias Baril, Ho Yin Yip, Thomas Swale, Alexander Hayward, David Ellard Keith Ferrier, Jerome Hui
BMC Genomics 2020 vol. 21
Black metals Stefan Lundgaard, Soon Hock Ng, Yoshiaki Nishijima, Michael Mazilu, Saulius Juodkazis
Micromachines 2020 vol. 11
Organic semiconductors for visible light communications Pavlos Manousiadis, Kou Yoshida, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. A, Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 2020 vol. 378
Prostaglandin E2 stimulates the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) in cultured mouse cortical collecting duct cells in an autocrine manner Morag Mansley, Christian Niklas, Regina Nacken, Kathrin Mandery, Hartmut Glaeser, Martin F. Fromm, Christoph Korbmacher, Marko Bertog
Journal of General Physiology 2020 vol. 152
Photonics based perfect secrecy cryptography Valerio Mazzone, Andrea Di Falco, Al Cruz, Andrea Fratalocchi
Applied Physics Letters 2020 vol. 116
Emergence of optrA-mediated linezolid resistance in multiple lineages and plasmids of Enterococcus faecalis revealed by long read sequencing Martin Patrick McHugh, Kerry Andrea Pettigrew, Geoff Toner, Elham Khatamzas, Anne Marie Karcher, Joanna Walker, Robert Weir, Danièle Meunier, Katie L Hopkins, Neil Woodford, Kate E Templeton, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Matthew Holden
biorxiv 2020
Triple-cation perovskite solar cells for visible light communications Rui Bian, Pavlos Manousiadis, Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma, Imam Tavakklolnia, Harald Haas, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
Photonics Research 2020 vol. 8 pp. A16-A24
Functional 3D architecture in an intrinsically disordered E3 ligase domain facilitates ubiquitin transfer Paul Murphy, Yingqi Xu, Sarah L. Rouse, Ellis G Jaffray, Anna Plechanovova, Steve J. Matthews, Carlos Penedo, Ronald T. Hay
Nature Communications 2020 vol. 11
Synaptic mechanisms underlying modulation of locomotor-related motoneuron output by premotor cholinergic interneurons Matthew James Broadhead, Efstathia Tetringa, Eirini Tsape, Laskaro Zagoraiou, Gareth Brian Miles
eLife 2020 vol. 9
Abstract 1576: Molecular profiling of the desmoplastic reaction within the colorectal tumor microenvironment using the nCounter® platform Ines Nearchou, Tadakazu Ao, Satsuki Mochizuki, Sarah Warren, Hirofumi Harashima, Peter David Caie, Hideki Ueno
Abstract LB-368: Applications of automated image analysis, machine learning and spatial statistics for the improvement of stage II colorectal cancer prognosis Ines Nearchou, Daniel A. Soutar, Kate Lillard, Hideki Ueno, Oggie Arandelovic, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie
Spatial immune profiling of the colorectal tumor microenvironment predicts good outcome in stage II patients Ines Nearchou, Bethany M. Gwyther, Elena C. T. Georgiakakis, Kate Lillard, Yoshiki Kajiwara, Hideki Ueno, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie
npj Digital Medicine 2020 vol. 3
ThX-a next-generation probe for the early detection of amyloid aggregates Lisa Maria Needham, Judith Weber, Juan Alberto Varela, Jamie Fyfe, Dung T. Do, Catherine K. Xu, Luke Tutton, Rachel Cliffe, Benjamin Keenlyside, David Klenerman, Christopher M. Dobson, Christopher A. Hunter, Karin H. Müller, Kevin O'Holleran, Sarah E. Bohndiek, Thomas N. Snaddon, Steven F. Lee
Chemical Science 2020 vol. 11 pp. 4578-4583
High speed determination of laser wavelength using Poincaré descriptors of speckle Laura O'Donnell, Kishan Dholakia, Graham David Bruce
Optics Communications 2020 vol. 459
Four meta-analyses across 164 studies on atypical footedness prevalence and its relation to handedness Julian Packheiser, Judith Schmitz, Gessa Berretz, David P. Carey, Silvia Paracchini, Marietta Papadatou-Pastou, Sebastian Ocklenburg
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
Human handedness: a meta-analysis Marietta Papadatou-Pastou, Eleni Ntolka, Judith Schmitz, Maryanne Martin, Marcus R. Munafò, Sebastian Ocklenburg, Silvia Paracchini
Psychological Bulletin 2020 vol. 146 pp. 481–524
Modelling the effects of environmental heterogeneity within the lung on the tuberculosis life-cycle (software) Ruth Bowness, Simon Andrew Dobson, Raluca Eftimie, Stephen Henry Gillespie
MicroRNA clusters integrate evolutionary constraints on expression and target affinities Zhe Qu, Wing Chung Yiu, Ho Yin Yip, Wenyan Nong, Clare W.C. Yu, Ivy H.T. Lee, Annette Y.P. Wong, Nicola W.Y. Wong, Fiona K.M. Cheung, Ting Fung Chan, Kwok Fai Lau, Silin Zhong, Ka Hou Chu, Stephen S. Tobe, David Ellard Keith Ferrier, William G. Bendena, Jerome H.L. Hui
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2020 vol. 37 pp. 2955-2965
The mechanobiology of kidney podocytes in health and disease Paul Andrew Reynolds
Clinical Science 2020 vol. 134 pp. 1245–1253
Cortical cell stiffness is independent of substrate mechanics Johannes Rheinlaender, Andrea Dimitracopoulos, Bernhard Wallmeyer, Nils Michael Kronenberg, Kevin J. Chalut, Malte Christian Gather, Timo Betz, Guillaume Charras, Kristian Franze
Nature Materials 2020 vol. 19 pp. 1019–1025
A tuberculosis molecular bacterial load assay (TB-MBLA) Wilber Sabiiti, Daniela Alferes De Lima, Evelin Dombay, Khalide Azam, Katarina Orascova, Derek James Sloan, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Journal of Visualized Experiments 2020 vol. 158
Tuberculosis bacillary load, an early marker of disease severity and treatment response Wilber Sabiiti, Khalide Azam, Davis Kuchaka, Bariki Mtafya, Ruth Bowness, Katarina Oravcova, Isobella Honeyborne, Dimitrios Evangelopoulos, Timothy D McHugh, Celso Khosa, Andrea Rachow, Norbert Heinrich, Elizabeth Kampira, Geraint Davies, Nilesh Bhatt, Elias N Ntinginya, Sofia Viegas, Ilesh Jani, Mercy Kamdolozi, Aaron Mdolo, Margaret Khonga, Martin J Boeree, Patrick PJ Phillips, Derek James Sloan, Michael Hoelscher, Gibson Kibiki, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Thorax 2020 vol. 75 pp. 606-608
Enhancing exciton diffusion length provides new opportunities for organic photovoltaics Muhammad Tariq Sajjad, Arvydas Ruseckas, Ifor David William Samuel
Matter 2020 vol. 3 pp. 341-354
Long-range exciton diffusion in non-fullerene acceptors and coarse bulk heterojunctions enable highly efficient organic photovoltaics Muhammad Tariq Sajjad, Arvydas Ruseckas, Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma, Yiwei Zhang, Ifor David William Samuel
Journal of Materials Chemistry 2020 vol. 8 pp. 15687-15694
Benzothiazolyl ureas are low micromolar and uncompetitive inhibitors of 17β-HSD10 with implications to Alzheimer’s disease treatment Monika Schmidt, Ondrej Benek, Lucie Vinklarova, Martina Hrabinova, Lucie Zemanova, Matej Chribek, Vendula Kralova, Lukas Hroch, Rafael Dolezal, Antonin Lycka, Lukas Prchal, Daniel Jun, Laura Aitken, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Kamil Kuca,
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020 vol. 21
Effect of halide-mixing on tolerance factor and charge-carrier dynamics in (CH3NH3PbBr3-xClx) perovskites powders Zumaira Siddique, Julia Louise Payne, John Thomas Sirr Irvine, Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma, Zareen Akhter, Ifor David William Samuel, Azhar Iqbal
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 2020
Reduced plasma magnesium levels in type-1 diabetes associate with prothrombotic changes in fibrin clotting and fibrinolysis Amelie Isabelle Sylvie Sobczak, Fladia A. Phoenix, Samantha J. Pitt, Ramzi A. Ajjan, Alan J. Stewart
Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2020 vol. 120 pp. 243-252
Non-conservative instabilities in optical vacuum traps V. Svak, Yoshihiko Arita, S. H. Simpson, O. Brzobohatý, M. Šiler, P. Jákl, J. Kanka, P. Zemánek, Kishan Dholakia
Preparation of WS2-PMMA composite films for optical applications Beata M. Szydłowska, Arko Graf, Adam Kelly, Werner J. Blau, Malte Christian Gather, Jana Zaumseil, Claudia Backes
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2020 vol. 8 pp. 10805-10815
Multi-photon attenuation-compensated light-sheet fluorescence microscopy Madhu Veettikazhy, Jonathan Nylk, Adria Escobet Montalban, Anders Kragh Hansen, Dominik Marti, Peter Eskil Andersen, Kishan Dholakia
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
Using Machine Learning for Automatic Estimation of M. Smegmatis Cell Count from Fluorescence Microscopy Images Daniel Vente, Ognjen Arandjelović, Evelin Dombay, Stephen Henry Gillespie
2020 pp. 57-68
Photon-generated carrier transfer process from graphene to quantum dots X Wang, X.H. Li, C. Jiang, C Tom A Brown, J.Q. Ning, K. Zhang, Q. Yu, X.T. Ge, Q.J. Wang, Z.Y. Zhang
npj 2D Materials and Applications 2020 vol. 4
Low power nonlinear optical effects in epsilon-near-zero metasurfaces Andrea Di Falco, Sebastian Andreas Schulz
245 MHz bandwidth organic light-emitting diodes used in a gigabit optical wireless data link Kou Yoshida, Pavlos Manousiadis, R Bian, Z Chen, Caroline Murawski, Malte Christian Gather, H Haas, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
Nature Communications 2020 vol. 11
Quantification of Advanced Dementia Patients' Engagement in Therapeutic Sessions Oggie Arandelovic, Sonia Dewar, Arlene Jean Astell, Gayle Helane Doherty, Maggie Ellis
Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference 2020 vol. 2020 pp. 5785-5788
Mutant C9orf72 human iPSC-derived astrocytes cause non-cell autonomous motor neuron pathophysiology Chen Zhao, Bhuvaneish Selvaraj, Maria Stavrou, Karen Burr, Veronica Brivio, Xin He, Arpan Mehta, David Story, Christopher Shaw, Owen Dando, Giles Hardingham, Gareth Brian Miles, Siddharthan Chandran
Glia 2020 vol. 68 pp. 1046-1064