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Accurate efficiency measurements of organic light-emitting diodes via angle-resolved spectroscopy Emily Archer, Sabina Gisela Hildegunde Hillebrandt, Changmin Keum, Caroline Murawski, Jan Murawski, Malte Christian Gather
Advanced Optical Materials 2021 vol. 9
Protocol for an interdisciplinary cross-sectional study investigating the social, biological and community-level drivers of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Benon Asiimwe, John Kiiru, Stephen Mshana, Stella Neema, Katherine Lisa Keenan, Mike Kesby, Joseph R. Mwanga, Derek James Sloan, Blandina Mmbaga, V Anne Smith, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Andy Lynch, Alison Fiona Sandeman, John Stelling, Alison Elliott, David Aanensen, Gibson E. Kibiki, Wilber Sabiiti, Matthew Holden,
BMJ Open 2021 vol. 11
Protocol for an interdisciplinary cross-sectional study investigating the social, biological and community-level drivers of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Benon Asiimwe, John Kiiru, Stephen Mshana, Stella Neema, Katherine Lisa Keenan, Mike Kesby, Joseph R. Mwanga, Derek James Sloan, Blandina T. Mmbaga, V Anne Smith, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Andy Lynch, Alison Fiona Sandeman, John Stelling, Alison Elliott, David M. Aanensen, Gibson E. Kibiki, Wilber Sabiiti, Matthew Holden,
BMJ Open 2021 vol. 11
Improving the accuracy of krill target strength using a shape catalog Sven Gastauer, Luke Finley, Tom Edwards, C Tom A Brown, So Kawaguchi, Martin Cox
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Initiating revolutions for optical manipulation: the origins and applications of rotational dynamics of trapped particles Graham David Bruce, Paloma Rodriguez Sevilla, Kishan Dholakia
Advances in Physics: X 2021 vol. 6
Transverse optical binding for a dual dipolar dielectric nanoparticle dimer Xiao-Yong Duan, Graham David Bruce, Kishan Dholakia, Zhi-Guo Wang, Feng Li, Ya-Ping Yang
Physical Review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics 2021 vol. 103
Extreme exposure to filtered far-UVC Ewan Eadie, Isla M.R. Barnard, Sally H. Ibbotson, Kenny Wood
Photochemistry and Photobiology 2021 vol. Early view
Cell force-driven basement membrane disruption fuels EGF- and stiffness-induced invasive cell dissemination from benign breast gland acini Aljona Gaiko-Shcherbak, Julian Eschenbruch, Nils Michael Kronenberg, Michael Teske, Benjamin Wolters, Ronald Springer, Malte Christian Gather, Rudolf Merkel, Bernd Hoffmann, Erik Noetzel
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021 vol. 22
Assessment of immunological features in muscle-invasive bladder cancer prognosis using ensemble learning Nicolas Brieu, Ines Nearchou, Oggie Arandelovic, Günter Schmidt, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie
Cancers 2021 vol. 13
Minimal, superficial DNA damage in human skin from filtered far-ultraviolet C R.P. Hickerson, M.J. Conneely, S.K. Hirata Tsutsumi, Kenny Wood, David Jackson, S.H. Ibbotson, E. Eadie
British Journal of Dermatology 2021 vol. Early View
Tail regeneration in a cephalochordate, the Bahamas lancelet, Asymmetron lucayanum Nicholas D. Holland, Ildiko Maureen Lara Somorjai
Journal of Morphology 2021 vol. 282 pp. 217-229
Fast delayed emission in new pyridazine-based compounds Simonas Krotkus, Tomas Matulaitis, Graeme Jeffrey Copley, Emily Archer, Changmin Keum, David Bradford Cordes, Alexandra Martha Zoya Slawin, Malte Christian Gather, Eli Zysman-Colman, Ifor David William Samuel
Frontiers in Chemistry 2021 vol. 8
Biogenic gold nanoparticles decrease methylene blue photobleaching and enhance antimicrobial photodynamic therapy Irena Maliszewska, Ewelina Wanarska, Alex C. Thompson, Ifor David William Samuel, Katarzyna Matczyszyn
Molecules 2021 vol. 26
Mycobactericidal effect of different regimens measured by molecular bacterial load assay among people treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Tanzania Peter M. Mbelele, Emmanuel A. Mpolya, Elingarami Sauli, Bariki Mtafya, Nyanda E. Ntinginya, Kennedy K. Addo, Katharina Kreppel, Sayoki Mfinanga, Patrick P.J. Phillips, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Scott K. Heysell, Wilber Sabiiti, Stellah G. Mpagama
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2021 vol. 59
Effective permittivity of co-evaporated metal-organic mixed films Andreas Mischok, N Hale, Malte Christian Gather, Andrea Di Falco
Journal of Applied Physics 2021 vol. 129
A comparison of methods for studying the tumor microenvironment's spatial heterogeneity in digital pathology specimens Ines Nearchou, Daniel A. Soutar, Hideki Ueno, David James Harrison, Oggie Arandelovic, Peter David Caie
Journal of Pathology Informatics 2021 vol. 12
Automated detection and classification of desmoplastic reaction at the colorectal tumour front using deep learning Ines Nearchou, Hideki Ueno, Yoshiki Kajiwara, Kate Lillard, Satsuki Mochizuki, Kengo Takeuchi, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie
Cancers 2021 vol. 13
Hand preference and mathematical learning difficulties Marietta Papadatou-Pastou, Despoina-Athanasia Panagiotidou, Ursula Fischer, Silvia Paracchini, Giannis Karagiannakis
Laterality 2021
Handedness in Twins: Meta-Analyses Silvia Paracchini
PsyArXiv 2021
Clinical perspectives in integrating whole genome sequencing into the investigation of healthcare and public health outbreaks – hype or help? Stephen Henry Gillespie, Kerry A. Pettigrew, Matthew Holden
Journal of Hospital Infection 2021 vol. 109 pp. 1-9
Photoionization feedback in turbulent molecular clouds Nina S. Sartorio, Bert Vandenbroucke, Diego Falceta-Goncalves, Kenny Wood
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2021 vol. 500 pp. 1833-1843
Albumin-mediated alteration of plasma zinc speciation by fatty acids modulates blood clotting in type-2 diabetes Amelie Isabelle Sylvie Sobczak, Fladia A. Phoenix, Siavash Khazaipoul, Ruitao Yu, Fanuel Lampiao, Fiona Stefanowicz, Claudia A. Blindauer, Samantha J. Pitt, Terry K Smith, Ramzi A. Ajjan, Alan J. Stewart
Chemical Science 2021 vol. 12 pp. 4079-4093
Organic photovoltaics for simultaneous energy harvesting and high-speed MIMO optical wireless communications I Tavakkolnia, Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma, Rui Bian, Pavlos Manousiadis, S Videv, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel, H Haas
Light: Science & Applications 2021 vol. 10
The influence of various regions of the FOXP2 sequence on its structure and DNA binding function Monare Thulo, Megan A Rabie, Naadira Pahad, Heather L. Donald, Ashleigh A Blane, Cardon M. Perumal, Carlos Penedo, Sylvia Fanucchi
Bioscience Reports 2021 vol. 41
A partially randomised trial of pretomanid, moxifloxacin and pyrazinamide for pulmonary TB C. D. Tweed, G. H. Wills, A. M. Crook, E. Amukoye, V. Balanag, A. Y.L. Ban, A. L.C. Bateson, M. C. Betteridge, W. Brumskine, J. Caoili, R. E. Chaisson, Muge Cevik, F. Conradie, R. Dawson, A. del Parigi, A. Diacon, D. E. Everitt, S.M. Fabiane, R. Hunt, A. I. Ismail, U. Lalloo, L. Lombard, C. Louw, M. Malahleha, T. D. McHugh, C. M. Mendel, F. Mhimbira, R. N. Moodliar, V. Nduba, A. J. Nunn, I. Sabi, M. A. Sebe, R. A. P. Selepe, S. Staples, S. Swindells, C. H. van Niekerk, E. Variava, M. Spigelman, Stephen Henry Gillespie
International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2021 vol. 25 pp. 305-314
Room temperature polariton lasing in ladder-type oligo(p-phenylene)s with different π-conjugation lengths Mei Fang, Sai Kiran Rajendran, Wen-Yong Lai, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
Advanced Photonics Research 2021 vol. 2
More than one-to-four via 2R David Ellard Keith Ferrier
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2020 vol. 37 pp. 2966-2982
GWAS on hand grip strength Silvia Paracchini
European Journal of Human Genetics 2020 vol. 28 pp. 432-433
Nanoscale mobility mapping in semiconducting polymer films A. Alekseev, A. Yedrissov, G. J. Hedley, O. Ibraikulov, T. Heiser, Ifor David William Samuel, S. Kharintsev
Ultramicroscopy 2020 vol. 218
Coherent oscillations of a levitated birefringent microsphere in vacuum driven by nonconservative rotation-translation coupling Yoshihiko Arita, Stephen Simpson, Pavel Zemanek, Kishan Dholakia
Science Advances 2020 vol. 6
Photopolymerization with high-order Bessel light beams Yoshihiko Arita, Junhyung Lee, Haruki Kawaguchi, Reimon Matsuo, Katsuhiko Miyamoto, Kishan Dholakia, Takashige Omatsu
Optics Letters 2020 vol. 45 pp. 4080-4083
Could psoralen plus ultraviolet A1 (“PUVA1”) work? Depth penetration achieved by phototherapy lamps E. Eadie, Lewis Thomas McMillan, H. Moseley, C Tom A Brown, Kenny Wood, R. Dawe
British Journal of Dermatology 2020 vol. 182 pp. 813-814
Further evidence that far-UVC for disinfection is unlikely to cause erythema or pre-mutagenic DNA lesions in skin Ewan Eadie, Kenny Wood
Photodermatology, Photoimmunology, & Photomedicine 2020 vol. 36 pp. 476-477
Real-time monitoring of live mycobacteria with a microfluidic acoustic-Raman platform Mingzhou Chen, Bjorn Hammarstrom, Robert Hammond, Peter Glynne-Jones, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Kishan Dholakia
Communications Biology 2020 vol. 3
Inexpensive methods for live imaging of central pattern generator activity in the Drosophila larval locomotor system Varun Sane, Malte Christian Gather, Stefan Robert Pulver
Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 2020 vol. 19 pp. A124-A133
Ubiquitin transfer by a RING E3 ligase occurs from a closed E2~ubiquitin conformation Carlos Penedo, Ronald Thomas Hay
Nature Communications 2020 vol. 11
Bi-directional communication between neurons and astrocytes modulates spinal motor circuits Matthew James Broadhead, Gareth Brian Miles
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 2020 vol. 14
Nanostructural diversity of synapses in the mammalian spinal cord Matthew James Broadhead, Lauren Arcinas, Sumi Bez, Fei Zhu, Jonathan Nylk, Kishan Dholakia, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Seth G.N. Grant, Gareth Brian Miles
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
A new laser technique designed to authenticate rare whisky could also detect disease Graham David Bruce, Kishan Dholakia
The Conversation 2020
Femtometer-resolved simultaneous measurement of multiple laser wavelengths in a speckle wavemeter Graham David Bruce, Laura O'Donnell, Mingzhou Chen, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Letters 2020 vol. 45 pp. 1926-1929
Optical analysis of homocysteine metabolites using vibrational spectroscopy Mingzhou Chen, Gayle Helane Doherty, Kishan Dholakia
OSA Continuum 2020 vol. 3 pp. 1958-1966
Neuroprotective actions of leptin facilitated through balancing mitochondrial morphology and improving mitochondrial function Matthew Buchan, Karina Vitanova, Laura Aitken, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Rona R. Ramsay, Gayle Helane Doherty
Journal of Neurochemistry 2020 vol. 155 pp. 191-206
Molecular identification of potential aquaculture pathogens adherent to cnidarian zooplankton Morag Clinton, Christian Delannoy, Andrew Stuart Brierley, David Ellard Keith Ferrier
Aquaculture 2020 vol. 518
Widefield light sheet microscopy using an Airy beam combined with deep-learning super-resolution Stella Corsetti, Philip Wijesinghe, Shuzo Sakata, Kushi Vyas, C Simon Herrington, Jonathan Nylk, Kishan Dholakia
OSA Continuum 2020 vol. 3 pp. 1068-1083
Ovarian hormones induce de novo DNA methyltransferase expression in the Siberian hamster suprachiasmatic nucleus Chris S. Coyle, Federico Caso, Elisabetta Tolla, Perry Barrett, Kenneth G. Onishi, Javier Ananda Tello, Tyler John Stevenson
Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2020 vol. 32
Direct measurement of vertical forces shows correlation between mechanical activity and proteolytic ability of invadopodia Nils Michael Kronenberg, J.E. Segall, M.B. Prystowsky, Malte Christian Gather
Science Advances 2020 vol. 6