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I did my undergraduate degree at Colby College, then went on to do a PhD at Brandeis University in the labs of Eve Marder and Leslie Griffith. I completed postdoctoral fellowships at University of Cambridge and Janelia Research Campus before joining the School of Psychology and Neuroscience as a lecturer in 2015.

I study the neural control of locomotion in Drosophila larvae. Work in the lab is highly integrative, involving everything from genetics to anatomy to electrophyisology and live imaging to animal behaviour. Since the Drosophila nervous system shares many of the same molecular genetic building blocks observed in spinal networks, our work is well positioned to provide insights and foundations for work in vertebrates.

Research areas:

  • Drosophila
  • Motor control
  • Central pattern generators
  • Neuroethology and neuromodulation

Stefan Pulver research group