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I joined the University of St Andrews in 2007 as an RCUK Fellow and am now a Reader in Biology and Deputy Director of the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI), leading the Evolutionary Developmental Genomics (EDGe) research group. Previously, I obtained a DPhil from Cambridge University in the lab of Prof Michael Akam FRS, working on the Hox gene cluster of a grasshopper, followed by postdocs with Prof Jordi Garcia-Fernàndez (University of Barcelona) and Prof Peter Holland FRS (University of Reading), and then a Departmental Lectureship at the University of Oxford, working on the Hox/ParaHox genes of several species, including invertebrate chordates and annelids.

Research areas:

  • Evolutionary developmental biology
  • Animal comparative genomics
  • Amphioxus
  • Tunicates
  • Annelids

Evolutionary Developmental Genomics (EDGe) Group