Light-based innovation for the biosciences

Carlos graduated in Physical Chemistry and obtained his PhD in ultra-fast photophysics from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). After a postdoctoral period working on DNA-metal complexes interactions at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), he moved to the private sector and worked for two years (2001-2003) as Project Manager and Development Engineer at Edinburgh Instruments Ltd (Scotland). In 2003, he moved back to the academic sector as PDRA in the School of Life Sciences (Dundee) working on the implementation of single-molecule imaging methods to investigate RNA folding. In 2006, he obtained a Scottish University Physics Alliance (SUPA) fellowship at the University of St Andrews, where he holds now a Reader joined appointment between the Schools of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Biology. In 2019, he took the role of Director of the Centre of Biophotonics.

Research areas:

  • Single-molecule biophysics
  • RNA transcription and RNA gene regulation
  • Structural dynamics of DNA-protein interactions
  • Development of fluorescent molecular probes and methods

Carlos Penedo research group