Light-based innovation for the biosciences

Malte Gather works at the interface between biophotonics and organic semiconductors, with particular focus on resonant and implantable devices. He studied at RWTH Aachen University and Imperial College London and in 2008 received his PhD from the University of Cologne for a thesis on organic LEDs. As postdoc at University of Iceland and later Harvard University he developed the first laser based on a single live cell. Malte was assistant professor at TU Dresden (2011 to 2013) before getting a full professorship at St Andrews. In 2019, he won the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship to set up the Centre for Nanobiophotonics at University of Cologne.

Research Areas:

  • Biophotonics based on soft matter
  • Mechanobiology
  • Implantable devices
  • Intracellular lasers

Malte Gather research group