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A taste of CBESS research

In July, CBESS featured on Shared Planet, a BBC Radio 4 series that explores how society and wildlife interact. After listening to the programme, Ben Seymour, a teacher from St Leonard’s High School in St Andrews, got in touch with CBESS and asked if the University of St Andrews could give some of their students a taste of CBESS research.

In November 2013, Kate Wade (a PhD student whose research is contributing to CBESS) went into St Leonard’s High School and gave a presentation on valuing ecosystem services to the International Baccalaureate students studying Environmental Systems and Societies. To complement the presentation given by Kate, students joined researchers from the University of St Andrews, to experience data collection on the salt marshes and mudflats of the Eden Estuary.

Two of the students who listened to Kate’s presentation and came out to collect data with the St Andrews team, provided a summary of what they got up to. They explain how CBESS relates to their own studies and how their experience of collecting data has informed their view of an area of coastline that they had previously thought little about.

Read two different reports on ‘Valuing the Eden Estuary’ by  Curtis Stiles and Flo Fowler