Seasonal progress reports

Below you will find up-dates from the various institutions on the data that they are collecting and how they are going about processing it. We hope to provide four up-dates a year, with the first one in Summer 2013.

Spring 2016 A decision makers tool and a citizen science app

Winter 2015-16 CBESS’ first data paper published and other news

Autumn 2015 Career progression, outreach and policy

Summer 2015 Biodiversity policy, understanding resilience, public engagement and the development of an Ecosystem Provisioning Tool.

Spring 2015 It is the season of public engagement, especially the Science Festival.

Winter 2014/15 It has been a busy winter with data once again being at the forefront of our minds, but we are making progress and interesting results are emerging.

Autumn 2014 As autumn cools the air and our coasts become increasingly wild, wet and windy, CBESS team members give a recap of events over the last three months

Summer 2014 An almost complete dataset for Tillingham has been compiled! Discussions of analytical approaches and techniques begin while the team continue to work away at processing the remaining samples.

Spring 2014 The data processing continues in full steam, with special effort being put into finalising Tillingham data in preparation for analysis by the Data Analysis Working Group.

Winter 2013/14 With the field campaigns complete we are know processing data collected and discussing how best to analyse it.

Autumn 2013 A round-up of the summer field campaign in August and September.

Summer 2013 An insight into what it means to collect 9,500 samples during January and February.