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Winter Field Campaign 2013 – the CBESS Team head to the Essex Marshes and Morecambe Bay to collect data on the microbes, plants and animals that live in salt mashes and mudflats. The data collected will be used to establish why a diverse population of microbes, plants and animals is important in the provision of natural services.

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Nature’s Helping Hand 14 Jan 2013




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Morecambe and Wiser: what Morecambe Bay can teach us about nature 4 Feb 2013



Summer Field Campaign 2013 – the CBESS team once again return to Morecambe Bay and the Essex Marshes to finish their sampling campaign. We return in the summer months in order to get a better picture of how microbes, plants and animals change with the seasons and how this alters their provision of natural services.

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Scientists return to Morecambe Bay 30 July 2013.





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Scientists return to the Essex Marshes  18 September 2013