PhD Students

There are currently 10 PhD students who are contributing to CBESS research, much of which is core to understanding the role that biodiversity plays in coastal ecosystem services and the value that we place on these services.

The following links provide a non-technical summary to some of the student projects. Please do get in touch if you want to find out more information about the projects.

Adam Wyness (University of St Andrews). The effect of sediment characteristics on the transport of pathogens from freshwater to coast. Supervisors David Paterson and Emma Defew (University of St Andrews), Lisa Avery and Marc Stutter (The James Hutton Institute)

Ahmad Alzahrani (University of Essex). Communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in salt marsh habitats: diversity, structure, and ecosystem function. Supervisor Alex Dumbrell (University of Essex).

Ben Evans (University of Cambridge). Evaluation and geo-spatial modelling of coastal defence functions in foreshore environments. Supervisors Iris Moeller and Tom Spencer (University of Cambridge).

Ben Taylor (University of St Andrews). The restoration of salt marshes subsidised by Blue Carbon. Supervisors  David Paterson and Nick Hanley (University of St Andrews).

Cai Ladd (Bangor University). Ecological resilience in hydrological systems: interactions of biological and physical processes on patterns of saltmarsh accretion and erosion. Supervisors Martin Skov, Jaco Baas and Dei Huws (Bangor University).

Carl Reddin (Queen’s University Belfast). Broadscale intertidal biodiversity: patterns from compiled datasets and spatial relationships with consumer trophic structure. Supervisors John Bothwell (Durham University), Nessa O’Connor and Christine Maggs. Maggs (Queen’s University Belfast). PhD successfully completed.

James Tempest (Cambridge University) Vegetation surface roughness quantification and relationships with flow attenuation over intertidal surfaces. Supervisors Iris Moeller and Tom Spencer.

Julie Hope (University of St Andrews). Biological stabilisation of mixed and cohesive sediments. Supervisors David Paterson (University of St Andrews) and Jaco Baas (Bangor University).

Kate Wade (University of St Andrews). Inter-tidal ecosystem health and resilience through salt marsh regeneration. Supervisors David Paterson and Claire Golléty (University St Andrews) and Nick Hanley (University of Stirling).

Lydia Bach (Queen’s University Belfast). Scaling coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services in intertidal food webs. Supervisors Mark Emmerson and Nessa O’Connor (Queen’s University Belfast).

Nadescha Zwerschke (Queen’s University Belfast).Impacts of the spread of non-native oysters and interactions with native oysters. Supervisors Dai Roberts, Nessa O’Connor and Mark Emmerson (Queen’s University Belfast)

Rob Mrowicki (Queen’s University Belfast). Context-dependency of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships: experimental tests in rocky intertidal communities. Supervisors Nessa O’Connor and Christine Maggs (Queen’s University Belfast).