Autumn 2015: career progression, outreach and policy

This autumn there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes better understating our data and the story it is telling us. However, we have found the time to leave our desks and talk and engage with fellow researchers and the public.

  • Dr Marco Boeri gives a keynote presentation at the Wetland Futures Conference (14 October 2015) on behalf of CBESS.
  • Three CBESS researchers are moving on to new positions, although they will still remain involved end of project analysis and paper writing. Read more here. 

Claire Golléty_wDr Claire Golléty presented her CBESS research at the 5th Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association conference in London. Claire also paid a return visit to the University of St Andrews to discuss papers and analysis. Read more here.



Euro researcher night_wUniversity of St Andrews showcased their research on CBESS at ResearchLIVE! as part of European Researchers Night 2015. Read more here. 




NERC canned ecology 3_wResearchers at Queen’s University Belfast joined forces to deliver ‘Canned Ecology’ as part of NERC’s Summer of Science. Read more here.




resize2_wThe BESS consortia research groups gathered together in York to dicuss how our research could inform policy as as part the BESS Annual Science Meeting. Read more here.