CBESS: moving on

Three of CBESS’ early career researchers have made significant gains in their respective careers; Dr Hilary Ford, Dr Scott Pedley and Dr Tim Hill.

Hilary Ford_wDr Hilary Ford of Bangor University

Hilary has been offered a fellowship with the NRN-LCEE/Ser Cymru funding body in Wales. Hilary will be working with the Multi-Land research cluster looking at trade-offs between agricultural productivity and ecosystem services in the Welsh uplands, with a focus on grassland resilience. Hilary will be leaving her current post-doc with CBESS in January, but will still remain involved with data analysis and the creation of a saltmarsh ecosystem service provisioning tool for Natural Resources Wales.


Scott PedleyDr Scott Pedley of Durham University

Scott has been offered a permanent lectureship position at Manchester Metropolitan University. Scott will be lecturing and continuing his research on community assembly patterns within saltmarsh as well as invertebrate biodiversity in temperate forests. Scott will be leaving his current post-doc position with CBESS in November, but will still be involved in data analysis, specifically understanding the importance of scale in biodiversity and ecosystem service relationships.

Dr Tim Hill of University of St Andrews

Tim has been offered a permanent senior lectureship at Exeter University in the department of Geography (College of Life and Environmental Sciences). As well as lecturing in environmental change, Tim will continue working with CBESS.




Meriem Kayoueche-Reeve, University of St Andrews