Summer 2015: a mixed bag of fieldwork, meetings and engagement

With less than a year until CBESS comes to an end, we are increasingly busy working on Theme 2 (context) and Theme 3 (scale). We have also been back in the field, in preparation for development of the Ecosystem Provisioning Tool. There have also some interesting collaborations between science and art.

Up-and-coming meetings

Photo 4_w

Bangor University is  back out into the field, this time in South Wales. The Bangor team are collecting data to ground-truth the Ecosystem Provisioning Tool that is being developed as part of Theme 5.  Read more here.


Lydia Bach

Lydia Bach a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast and part of NRG BESS has been busy developing two science engagement projects: (i) an artist – scientist engagement project linking coastal ecology/ marine biology with climate change  and (ii) a new type of card game that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity.



CBESS’s Iris Möller (Cambridge Coastal Research Unit) collaborated with local artist Sue Rapley as part of ‘Pint of Science’ 2015. A science festival is bringing learning to your local. Read more here.