University of Cambridge: splash and squelch

On Saturday 14 March, the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit put on a display and activities as part of the University of Cambridge Science Festival. Masterminded by CBESS’s Dr Iris Moeller, and with old CBESS hand Ben Evans on parade, the activities were entitled ‘Splash and Squelch’ and held in the Department of Geography.

Visitors of all ages were able to find out about the animals and plants that live on our coasts, try out a wave sensor, find out how to prepare for floods, meet a crayfish, and lots more… We got the public to try out our SET (surface elevation table) instrument and see the pressure trace on a screen move up and down in a water basin when they generated waves over a pressure sensor, as well as identify plants and invertebrates under digital microscope linked to a big screen.

Cambridge Science Festival_w


Dr Tom Spencer, Director of Cambridge Coastal Research Unit