CBESS/MASTS: postgraduate and early career training in Feb 2015

The CBESS team is once again returning to Warton Sands in Morecambe Bay to deliver the second Advanced Training Short Course funded by NERC; biodiversity and ecosystem assessment in the coastal margin (BESA)

15 postgraduate students and early career researchers will be braving freezing temperatures and biting winds on a week long residential field course in February. They will be learning how to:

  • planning an delivering a field campaign in the coastal margin
  • use key techniques to measure system properties and determine ecosystem services in saltmarshes and mud flats
  • process and analyse samples
  • identify key macrofauna species, understand the role they play in saltmarsh/mudflat processes and apply Biological Traits Analysis
  • utilize un-manned aerial vehicles in field campaigns
  • up-scale environmental data from specific areas to the landscape scale

We are building on the success of the 2014 course, you can read what the participants made of the course here.

Students on the BESA course in Feb 2014

Students on the BESA course in Feb 2014

 Meriem Kayoueche-Reeve, CBESS Project Officer