BBC Radio Cumbria

Martin Lewes of BBC Radio Cumbria interviews Prof. David Paterson whilst sampling at Cartmel Sands in Morecambe Bay.

The CBESS team are returning to Morecambe Bay this week to look at how the plants and animals living in salt marshes and mudflats contribute to our natural environment, economy and society.

The 30 strong team of scientists first visited the Bay in February and will continue to study the role natural systems, such as salt marshes, play in the purification of water, the production of food and the protection of coastlines, as well as the provision of habitat for wildlife and recreational space for people.

Listen to the radio interview on Iplayer Radio, the interview is in two parts, fast forward to:

  1. 2:20:58 – 2:22:50
  2. 2:25:17 – 2:27:55

For more information on Prof. David Paterson, visit his staff profile.