The Measurement of Biological Diversity

St Andrews is a world-leader in the development and deployment of statistical techniques for estimating and measuring biodiversity, across populations and communities of a staggering array of organisms. We measure and seek to understand genetic diversity across different levels of populations, communities, and ecosystems.

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Prof. Anne Magurran
Dr. Maria Dornelas

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Landscape-scale forest loss as a catalyst of population and biodiversity change Gergana N. Daskalova, Isla H. Myers-Smith, Anne D. Bjorkman, Shane A. Blowes, Sarah R. Supp, Anne Magurran, Maria Dornelas
A balance of winners and losers in the Anthropocene Maria Dornelas, Nicholas J. Gotelli, Hideyasu Shimadzu, Faye Helen Moyes, Anne Magurran, Brian J. McGill
Ecology Letters 2019 vol. 22 pp. 847-854
Change in the dominance structure of two marine-fish assemblages over three decades Faye Helen Moyes, Anne Magurran
Journal of Fish Biology 2019 vol. 94 pp. 96-102
Gelatinous umbrella: why it is good to be invertebrate Anne Magurran
TLS, The Times Literary Supplement 2019 pp. 32-32
Species richness change across spatial scales Jonathan M. Chase, B.J. McGill, Patrick L. Thompson, Laura Ines Henriques Antao, Amanda E. Bates, Shane A. Blowes, Maria Dornelas, Andrew Gonzalez, Anne Magurran, Sarah R. Supp, Marten Winter, Anne D. Bjorkman, Helge Bruelheide, Jarrett E.K. Byrnes, Juliano Sarmento Cabral, Robin Elahi, Catalina Gomez, Hector M. Guzman, Forest Isbell, Isla H. Myers-Smith, Holly P. Jones, Jes Hines, Mark Vellend, Conor Waldock, Mary O'Connor
Oikos 2019 vol. 128 pp. 1079-1091
The geography of biodiversity change in marine and terrestrial assemblages Shane A. Blowes, Sarah R. Supp, Laura Ines Henriques Antao, Amanda Bates, Helge Bruelheide, Jonathan M. Chase, Faye Helen Moyes, Anne Magurran, Brian McGill, Isla H. Myers-Smith, Marten Winter, Anne D. Bjorkman, Diana E. Bowler, Jarrett E. K. Byrnes, Andrew Gonzalez, Jes Hines, Forest Isbell, Holly P. Jones, Laetitia M. Navarro, Patrick L. Thompson, Mark Vellend, Conor Waldock, Maria Dornelas
Science 2019 vol. 366 pp. 339-345
Towards a macroscope Maria Dornelas, Elizabeth M. P. Madin, Michael Bunce, Joseph D. DiBattista, Mark Johnson, Joshua S. Madin, Anne Magurran, Brian J. McGill, Nathalie Pettorelli, Oscar Pizarro, Stefan B. Williams, Marten Winter, Amanda E. Bates
Global Ecology and Biogeography 2019 vol. 28 pp. 1937-1948
Trophic ecology of benthic fish assemblages in a lowland river in the Brazilian Amazon Cleber Duarte, Anne Magurran, Jansen Zuanon, Claudia P. Deus
Aquatic Ecology 2019 vol. 53 pp. 707-718
β-diversity scaling patterns are consistent across metrics and taxa Laura H. Antão, Brian McGill, Anne Magurran, Amadeu Soares, Maria Dornelas
Ecography 2019 vol. 42 pp. 1012-1023