The Consequences of Biological and Behavioural Diversity

The Centre for Biological Diversity addresses the consequences of biodiversity at the interface between ecology and evolution. The ecological consequences of biodiversity are considered in terms of processes such as pollination biology, niche construction, and invasion biology.

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Prof. Kevin Laland
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2018 (8)
vol.209 pp.949-966
Developmental bias and evolution
Tobias Uller, Armin P. Moczek, Richard A. Watson, Paul M. Brakefield, Kevin Neville Laland 
Keywords: Development, Constraint, Gene regulatory network, Evolvability, Facilitated variation, Developmental biasQH426 GeneticsT-NDAS
2018 (29/6)
vol.360 pp.1408-1408
(Literature review)
2018 (9)
Scientific American
vol.319 pp.33-39
2018 (29/1)
Scientific Reports
Human mate-choice copying is domain-general social learning
Alex Thornton, Gillian Ruth Brown, Kevin Neville Laland, Catharine Penelope Cross 
Keywords: Mate choice, Social learning, Human behaviour, Cultural evolutionBF PsychologyDAS
2018 (13/6)
Nature Communications
2018 (7)
Brain, Behavior and Evolution
vol.91 pp.109-117
Primate brain anatomy
Ana Francisca Navarrete Rodriguez, Erwin L.A. Blezer, Elizabeth S.M. de Viet, Orlin S. Todorov, Patrik Lindenfors, Kevin Neville Laland, Simon M. Reader 
Keywords: Brain architecture, Brain volume, Cognitive evolution, Comparative neuroanatomy, Isocortex, Magnetic resonance imaging, Neocortex, PrimatesQL Zoology, RC0321 Neuroscience. Biological psychiatry. NeuropsychiatryDevelopmental Neuroscience, Behavioral NeuroscienceDAS
2018 (7)
Trends in Cognitive Sciences
vol.22 pp.651-665
(Review article)
Social learning strategies
Rachel Kendal, Neeltje Boogert, Luke Edward Rendell, Kevin Neville Laland, Michael Munro Webster, Patricia Jones 
Keywords: Asocial information, Associative learning theory, Behavioural gambit, Cumulative culture, Metacognition, Social informationQH301 Biology

The social construction of human nature
Kevin Neville Laland, Gillian Ruth Brown 
2017 (25/7)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
vol.114 pp.7908-7914