Mr Xiao Zhang:
Postgraduate Student

Mr Xiao Zhang

Mr Xiao Zhang
Harold Mitchell Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH


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source: symbiosis

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Rapid parallel adaptation despite gene flow in silent crickets Xiao Zhang, Jack Gregory Rayner, Mark Blaxter, Nathan William Bailey
Nature Communications 2021 vol. 12
Field cricket genome reveals the footprint of recent, abrupt adaptation in the wild Sonia Pascoal, Judith E. Risse, Xiao Zhang, Mark Blaxter, Timothee Cezard, Richard J. Challis, Karim Gharbi, John Hunt, Sujai Kumar, Emma Langan, Xuan Liu, Jack Gregory Rayner, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Basten L. Snoek, Urmi Trivedi, Nathan William Bailey
Evolution Letters 2020 vol. 4 pp. 19-33
Yak whole-genome resequencing reveals domestication signatures and prehistoric population expansions Qiang Qiu, Lizhong Wang, Kun Wang, Yongzhi Yang, Tao Ma, Zefu Wang, Xiao Zhang, Zengqiang Ni, Fujiang Hou, Ruijun Long, Richard John Abbott, Johannes Lenstra, Jianquan Liu
Nature Communications 2015 vol. 6