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I am on a two-year Associate Lecturer position teaching neuroscience. I completed my PhD at the University of St Andrews (2019) where I investigated the role of temperature and the brain in nest building in birds, supervised by Sue Healy and Simone Meddle (University of Edinburgh). My main interests are in animal behaviour and the mechanisms and enviromental factors that control behaviour. To answer the questions I am interested I work on avian species both in the field and in the laboratory, and, probably not surprising, my particular interests lie in ornithology.


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It’s not all about temperature Sophie Christina Edwards, Tanya T. Shoot, R. Jeffrey Martin, David F. Sherry, Susan Healy
Behavioral Ecology 2020 vol. 31 pp. 1065-1072
Behaviour: Nesting, Brooding, Parental Care, Birds Sophie Christina Edwards, Alice Bernard, Susan Healy
2018 vol. 6 pp. 102-105