Dr Mauricio Gonzalez Forero:
Marie Curie Fellow

Dr Mauricio Gonzalez Forero

Dr Mauricio Gonzalez Forero
Dyers Brae
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

tel: +44 1334 46 7260
room: 15

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I use mathematical modeling to shed light on evolutionary processes that are difficult to understand otherwise. My research interests have focused on brain evolution, the evolution of social behavior, and the species problem.

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source: symbiosis

Recent Publications:

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Eusociality through conflict dissolution Mauricio Gonzalez Forero, Jorge Peña
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2021 vol. 288
Author Correction Mauricio Gonzalez Forero, Andy Gardner
Nature 2019 vol. 567
Inference of ecological and social drivers of human brain-size evolution Mauricio Gonzalez Forero, Andy Gardner
Nature 2018 vol. 557 pp. 554-557
A model for brain life history evolution Mauricio Gonzalez Forero, Timm Faulwasser, Laurent Lehmann
PLoS Computational Biology 2017 vol. 13
Stable eusociality via maternal manipulation when resistance is costless Mauricio Gonzalez Forero
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2015 vol. 28 pp. 2208-2223