Dr Maria Dornelas:

Dr Maria Dornelas

Dr Maria Dornelas
Dyers Brae
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

tel: 01334 463324
fax: 01334 463443
room: 8

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School of Biology
Centre for Biological Diversity
Scottish Oceans Institute
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My research focuses on quantifying biodiversity and understanding the processes that shape it. I often work on tropical systems and specifically coral reefs, but I also work with tropical freshwater fish, mangrove crabs and plants for example, as I am more question-driven that organism-driven. I like to combine ecological theory, synthesis of existing data, and fieldwork in my research, and most of the research questions I’m interested in fall under the disciplines of community ecology, macroecology and biogeography. I tend to work on intermediate spatio-temporal scales (that is communities and networks of communities over time-scales of years to tens of years).


My research interests fall under the disciplines of macroecology, community ecology and theoretical ecology. I'm interested in quantifying biodiversity and in understanding the processes that shape it. My work spans across scales, from quantifying biodiversity change in the entire planet, to mm scale individual interactions on coral reefs. I use a range of tools in my research, including ecoinformatics and synthesis of ecological data, quantitative and theoretical models, as well as field observations. The field component of my work is usually on coral reefs, and I have a long term field site in Lizard Island, on the Northern Great Barrier Reef.

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How forest loss has changed biodiversity across the globe over the last 150 years Maria Dornelas, Gergana Daskalova, Isla Myers-Smith
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