Prof Graeme Ruxton:

I am interested in the evolutionary ecology of sensory interactions between species. Examples include camouflage in the natural world, signalling between predators and their prey and how plants can communicate with pollinators and seed dispersers.


source: symbiosis

Recent Publications:

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Drop when the stakes are high Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Alison J. Karley
Behaviour 2021 vol. Advance Articles pp. 1-21
Evaluation of disruptive camouflage of avian cup-nests Tom Mulder, Cori Campbell, Graeme Douglas Ruxton
Ibis 2021 vol. 163 pp. 150-158
Post-dropping behavior of potato aphids (Macrosiphum euphorbiae) Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Alison J. Karley
Journal of Insect Behavior 2021 vol. First Online
Predictors of pre-European deforestation on Pacific islands Alina Schenk, Markus Neuhäuser, Graeme Douglas Ruxton, Arne C. Bathke
Forest Ecology and Management 2021 vol. 493
Size-dependent predation risk in cryptic prey Graeme Douglas Ruxton
Journal of Ethology 2021