Dr Carolin Kosiol:

Dr Carolin Kosiol

Dr Carolin Kosiol
Dyers Brae
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

tel: 01334 463598
fax: 01334 463366
room: 3

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Carolin Kosiol is a Lecturer in Bioinformatics. She works on problems at the intersection of computer science, maths and evolutionary biology. In particular, she wants to understand how natural selection has shaped the genomes of great apes and how fruit flies can adapt to enviromental changes in a few dozen generations. Carolin has studied maths and physics at the University of Mainz in Germany, before doing a Masters in High Performance Computing (MSc, University of Dublin, Trinity College) and attending graduate school in Bioinformatics (PhD, University of Cambridge and EMBL- European Bioinformatics Institute). She did a short postdoc at Cornell University during which she got involved in Genome Analysis Consortia. As a Young Group Leader at the Institute of Population Genetics (Vetmeduni Vienna) she has developed methods that combine phylogenetic and population genetic models.

Carolin’s research focuses on the development of computational methods to investigate adaptation at different time-scales ranging from a few generations in experimental evolution data to studies of population demography to phylogenetic analysis of multiple species. Genomes sequences, both from closely related species and from individuals of the same species, are increasingly available. These large amounts of data offer a great opportunity to study speciation and the evolutionary history of populations, provided they can properly model the process of evolution within and between species simultaneously. Together with her group, Carolin has recently developed evolutionary models that bridge the gap between phylogeny and population genetics by taking polymorphism as well as species data into account. She very much enjoys working with experimentalists on genomic data sets that pose ever new challenges to models.


My work focuses on the development of computational methods to the investigate the process of adaptation at different time-scales ranging from a few generations in experimental evolution data to phylogenetic analysis of multiple species diverged millions of years ago. In particular, we are interested in DNA sequence evolution by mutation and shifts of allele frequencies.

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