Prof Andrew Brierley:
Professor in Biology

Prof Andrew Brierley

Prof Andrew Brierley
Bute Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TS

tel: 01334 463458
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room: E37

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Pelagic Ecology Research Group

Pelagic Ecology Research Group
School of Biology
Centre for Biological Diversity
Scottish Oceans Institute
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I am an aquatic ecologist. I lead the Pelagic Ecology Research Group (PERG) from the Scottish Oceans Institute. We conduct research on the ecology and behaviour of zooplankton and fish, the higher predators that feed on them and, increasingly, on links between lake fish abundance and human health. We are seeking to understand how natural and climate-related variability impact fish and zooplankton, and consequences that change in the fish and zooplankton have for natural predators (e.g. penguins, seals and whales), fisheries, food security and human health.


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Bayesian Network Analysis reveals resilience of the jellyfish Aurelia aurita to an Irish Sea regime shift Emily G. Mitchell, Margaret Isabel Wallace, V Anne Smith, Amanda A. Wiesenthal, Andrew Stuart Brierley
Scientific Reports 2021 vol. 11
Ecosystem approach to harvesting in the Arctic Michael R. Heath, Déborah Benkort, Andrew Stuart Brierley, Ute Daewel, Jack H. Laverick, Roland Hudson Proud, Douglas C. Speirs
Ambio 2021 vol. First Online
Mercury biomagnification in a Southern Ocean food web Sara Aparício, Andrew Stuart Brierley, Paco Bustamante, Filipe R. Ceia, João P. Coelho, Richard A. Philips, Sophie Fielding, Susan Gregory, Ricardo Matias, Miguel A. Pardal, Eduarda Pereira, Gabriele Stowasser, Geraint A. Tarling, José C. Xavier
Environmental Pollution 2021 vol. 275
Oxidative stress, metabolic activity and mercury concentrations in Antarctic krill Euphausia superba and myctophid fish of the Southern Ocean Rosa Freitas, José C. Xavier, Paco Bustamante, João P. Coelho, Francesca Coppola, Ângela Almeida, Sophie Fielding, Miguel A. Pardal, Gabriele Stowasser, Giulia Pompeo, Geraint A. Tarling, Andrew Stuart Brierley, Eduarda Pereira
Marine Pollution Bulletin 2021 vol. 166