Prof Ailsa Hall:
Research Professor

Prof Ailsa Hall

Prof Ailsa Hall
Scottish Oceans Institute
East Sands
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 8LB

tel: 01334 462634

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My research interests are aimed at determining the effect that contaminant and pathogen exposure has on the risk of mortality and morbidity in marine mammals, both seals and cetaceans.  I am particularly interested in the role of these factors in determining an animals early survival and reproductive capability and in how they interact with the species immune and endocrine systems.  This interest has also led to more fundamental questions about how the immune system may be shaped by the life history strategy of marine mammals.  

I am also now very interested in the physiolgical adaptations of mammals to a marne existence, particularly at the molecular level; such as the respiratory adaptations and strategies that allow animals to forage at depth and their adaptations to cope with long periods of fasting.


Research Interests include:

  • Factors affecting survival in marine mammals, particularly disease, exposure to toxins, contaminants and endocrine disrupters.
  • Epidemiology and risk assessment
  • Immune function and fitness.
  • Respiratory and endocrine physiology.
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Recent Publications:

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