St Andrews PX Summer School

2017 St Andrews CCP4 Protein Crystallography Summer School
20 to 26 August

The University of St Andrews will be hosting the Protein Crystallography Summer School in 2017. The course aims to cover the theoretical and practical aspects of protein crystallography from protein expression and purification, through crystal growth to data collection on in-house and synchrotron sources, phasing methods, automated model building and phase extension, refinement, and validation. Hands-on sessions in data processing (XIA2, DIALS), molecular replacement, MAD/SAD phasing, refinement and electron density map interpretation (in COOT) will be included.

The course will be taught by a number of tutors with expertise covering all aspects of the field, including Wulf Blankenfeldt (Braunschweig), Kevin Cowtan (York), Tracey Gloster (St Andrews), Magnus Alphey (St Andrews), Katherine Mcauley (Diamond), Stuart McNicholas (York), Johan Turkenburg (York), Richard Gildea (Diamond), Bill Hunter (Dundee), Keith Wilson (York), David Clark (Edinburgh), Tom Davies (Astex), Huw Jenkins (York), Robbie Joosten (Netherlands Cancer Institute), Andrey Lebedev (CCP4), Ashley Pike (Oxford), Uli Schwarz-Linek (St Andrews) and Laura Spagnolo (Glasgow). The program can be found here.

The School is intended for first/second year postgraduates or postdocs new to crystallography. The week is very intensive, and gives a concentrated overview of the methods which many find useful.

As in the past, priority is given to UK applicants because of the funding arrangements, but is open to a limited number of overseas applicants.

Applicants from industry are welcome, although an increased fee is charged – please contact us for further information.


Accommodation will be in David Russell Hall, which is a 10-minute walk from the Biomedical Sciences Research Complex where lectures and workshops will be held.


The cost of the course is £400 which includes all food, accommodation and course materials.

Thanks to generous support from CCP4 and our other sponsors listed on this page, we have kept the fee as low as possible. You will be expected to cover your travel expenses to St Andrews.

As in previous years, BBSRC will provide funds to cover the full cost of several BBSRC funded postgraduates. There may be some funds available to provide bursaries to students who have difficulties raising the full costs for registration or travel.


Participants will arrive on the evening of Sunday, 20th August 2017 and leave on the morning of Saturday, 26th August 2017 with the School running from the Monday to Friday inclusive. There will be social events and a dinner with a guest speaker.


School organisers are Tracey Gloster (University of St Andrews) and Johan Turkenburg (University of York).

How to apply

To apply, please complete this form.

Closing Date

The closing date for applications is 5 June 2017.  You will be informed shortly after that date if you were successful.

Important Note

Please note that in the event of the number of applications exceeding the number of places, we will try to guarantee that every UK lab is represented on the course. Please inform your supervisor/head of lab that you are applying, and ask them to be prepared to make a choice in the event of multiple applications from the same lab.