BioTIME Database

We are assembling a database of biodiversity time series. Our intention is to make a database that can be accessed by anyone, with appropriate permissions by data owners. We invite you to contribute your data, and to help us explore the database and understand how biodiversity has changed worldwide.

We strongly believe in giving credit to data collectors, as without the efforts of people collecting data it is impossible for synthesis work to take place. We also believe that science benefits from people sharing data. Therefore, we plan to make the resulting database publicly available, as well as publish an open-access data paper where all data contributors are invited to be co-authors. We hope this will become the standard database for biodiversity time series analysis. By participating, you can ensure that your data remains available into the future and increase the impact of your work with little additional effort on your part. Our database is built to clearly recognize and give credit to the original data collectors and data owners (that’s you!). Our current data use policy can be found here, but please get in touch with us if you have data to contribute but are uncomfortable with the current terms of this policy. We will do our best to respect data contributor wishes.

If you have data to contribute, please use this template to format your data and metadata, and email them to We may contact you for additional details on your data or methods if they are not sufficiently described in the original dataset or publication.

The current efforts are fuelled by the ERC project BIOTIME, as well as by the CIEE workshops (Understanding recent biodiversity changes across spatial and temporal scales), and an sDiv working group (sChanges: Quantifying biodiversity change through time).

We are adding to the database used in these papers Vellend et al. 2013, Dornelas et al. 2014, Murphy and Romanuk 2014, Elahi et al. 2015).