Student projects

The MSc in Marine Ecosystem Management provides students with a superior understanding of integrated marine systems, exploring the interconnections between the physical environment, biodiversity and the impacts of human activities and resource use. Taught by leading experts from the Scottish Oceans Institute, it is designed to prepare students for professional careers in research and management.

Here are some examples of projects undertaken by past students:

Bahamas May 12 057
Bahamas; photo by Yannis Papastamatiou
  • The importance of primary production when assessing the value of a salt marsh
  • MPA designations and the role it plays in an MPAs success
  • Erosion rates of biological and artificial mixes of cohesive sediments under various flow regimes
  • The effects of microplastic accumulation on sediment ecosystem functioning in the presence of a natural ecosystem stressor
  • Characteristics of secondary productivity around artificial reefs
  • Sperm whales, vessels and Fish Aggregating Devices; Spatial analysis for risk management off the coast of Dominica
  • Smolt size mattes: determinants of the size of Atlantic salmon from a Scottish River System
  • Movement characterisation and modelling of Antarctic fur seals
    to assess predator responses to prey availability in a highly variable and changing ecosystem.
Red Sea Corals 2015 Photo: Aziz Mulla
Red Sea corals project 2015 Photo: Aziz Mulla