News from Tammi Warrender – EMMS student graduated 2015

I am currently living and working in the Cayman Islands and have been since New Year. I am working for the Cayman Government, Department of Environment (DoE) who are involved in many collaborative and independent research projects. My curiosities still lie with coral reef ecosystems and how they are affected by natural and anthropogenic impacts. Currently, I am investigating the overall impact(s) last year’s globally acute coral bleaching event had on the reefs of the Caymans and following that event through time and space. Furthermore, over the past 2 months I have been working as part of that team with the DoE, Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and Scripps Institute of Oceanography on the Grouper Moon project ( on the sister island of Little Cayman, conducting annual and new research on its fish spawning aggregation site.

Here is a cool grouper spawning video made by Guy Harvey:

And here is a close up video by REEF of one of the Nassau groupers at the spawning site (they are like underwater puppies!!):