Science Discovery Day 2019

On Saturday 9th March, volunteers from the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) headed to one of St Andrew’s most exciting annual outreach events: the St Andrews Science Discovery Day 2019.

The Science Discovery Day, part of British Science Week, features researchers from across the university. It aims to provide a variety of fun, free and family-friendly exhibitions and talks. We were lucky enough to have a stall at the event, situated next to an enormous bubble dome (which even we had to try out)! Our activities, encouraging people to “Become a marine mammal scientist!” by learning about some of the research techniques used to study seal, whale and dolphin populations, proved popular and kept us busy all day long, even after closing time! It was especially encouraging to speak with families visiting the Science Discovery Day for the first time who, having enjoyed their day, were already asking about attending the event again next year.

Thanks again to the team of Katherine Whyte, Saana Isojunno, Claire Lacey, Natalie Sinclair and Sara Niksic (all PhD students and postdocs at SMRU), who spent the day working at the event, engaging many of the 1200 visitors that came through the door.