Dundee Science Festival

BBSRC Anniversary Future Leader Fellow Dr Lauren Guillette reports on attending the Dundee Science Festival in November:6272925_orig

“We had a fantastic time at the Dundee Science Festival held at the Dundee Science Centre. We were part of an animal themed family fun day called Curious Creatures. Our exhibit ‘Why Do Birds Build Nests?’ included two games where you travelled around Scotland and the world  to match the bird and its nests to its environment. Our display included two hands-on (beak-on!) activities: the first was to build a nest that was able to hold a chocolate egg, the second was to build a nest (and eggs, and bird) to take home. Lastly, we had nests that you could touch, made by experts – the birds themselves! There was also a larger-than-life video of our zebra finches building in the laboratory and wild weaver birds building in South Africa.”

More details and images here