Night in the Museum

IMG_6331Children from Fife primary schools had a spooky dark safari  in the Bell Pettigrew Museum recently on – of all days – Friday 13th of June!

Working in pairs over 60 children explored the museum by torchlight to discover the answers to the museum safari (part of the science programme for ages 8-11) as part of science summer camp.

Children from schools at Thornton, Milton of Balgonie, Fair Isle, Markinch, East Wemyss, and Coaltown of Balgonie took part.

IMG_6336Laura Burel, Headteacher at East Wemyss Primary School said:

“It was a pleasure to be part of St Andrews University Science Camp.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.  The ‘Night in the Museum’ in the Bell Pettigrew Museum was one of the favourites.  The children had fun going into the museum in the dark with their torches to find lots of different species of creatures.  The activity links in really well with Curriculum for Excellence and provides the children with an opportunity they wouldn’t have otherwise.”