Biology new entrants – Orientation Week 2018-19

Monday 10th September

  • Sign up for a meeting with your Adviser in the Medical & Biological Sciences (MBSB) building, North Haugh.
  • Sign-up sheets are on the wall outside the Biology Teaching Laboratory.
  • Students can find the name of their Adviser of Studies by accessing advising on the student portal, MySaint.

Tuesday 11th September

  • Welcome to First Year: 9 am, Biology Teaching Laboratory, Medical & Biological Sciences Building, North Haugh.
  • 1st year advising appointments with Biology Advisers: commences 10 am in Biology Teaching Lab, Medical & Biological Sciences Building, North Haugh.

Wednesday 12th September

  • “Meet the Biology staff” for 1st Year students: 3.00 pm in Biology study space, Biology Hive, The New Technology Centre, North Haugh.
Books, lab kit & practical class information for BL1101 Biology 1


Teaching Technicians: Penny Hood, Maureen Cunningham, Alasdair Stenhouse
Lead Demonstrator: Dr Grant Brown
Technicians Office: Rm 141, Medical Sciences Building (MSB)
Teaching Office: (Sumit Bains, Andrew Cole) School of Biology Hive, The New Technology Centre, North Haugh (BMS) email:


Biology a global Approach (Campbell et al., 11th ed.); Practical Skills in Biology (Jones et al., 6th ed.) Available new at Blackwells Book Store (next to the Student Union, will offer a reduced price for both together). Second hand copies can be found in charity shops (eg. Dr Barnardo’s, Bell Street) and sold by former students – check residence notice boards. Previous 2 editions should suffice, although page references may differ.

Lab coats

Available from the Student Union Shop with or without elasticated cuffs (£29.95). Please note that students taking Chemistry modules must have 100% cotton lab coats, which can also be used for Biology.

Lab fees

No lab fees will be charged this year.

Dissecting kit

This should be bought (£12.50) online at and the receipt shown to a teaching technician who will give you your dissection kit (print or show email receipt on phone). This can be done within the first few weeks.

Lab Sign Up

  • Labs are compulsory
  • Labs take place in the Multi-purpose Lab (MPL) in the Medical Sciences Building on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, from 2-5pm.
  • You must select a permanent lab day and sign up to it on MMS ( under BL1101.
  • Sign up opens at 5pm on Wednesday 12th
  • When choosing a practical day, make sure it does not clash with your other modules.
  • Be aware that Wednesday is the University’s sports day so do not choose a Wednesday for labs if you want to be involved in sports.

Lab Attendance & Etiquette

  • Practicals start at 2pm; please be punctual!
  • The attendance sheet at the end of the bench must be signed.
  • If you arrive late, please enter the lab quietly.
  • The 1st practical on Week 1 can be attended on any day whilst you organise your permanent lab day.
  • Before attending the 2nd practical, you should know your permanent lab day and your bench letter and seat number.
  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum is allowed in the lab.
  • Lab coats must be worn at all times unless otherwise indicated.
  • Bags, jackets etc. should be tucked under the lab bench. Do not leave anything in the corridor!
  • No open-toed shoes or sandals should be worn.
  • Long hair must be tied back (elastic bands are provided).

Any problems or queries regarding lab attendance should be directed to Dr Grant Brown (