Module skills reporting

You can use this page to generate a skills report for any combination of School of Biology modules.

Select the modules you wish to include, and press the ‘report’ button.


Select modules:

BL1101: Biology 1
BL1102: Biology II
BL1901: Human Biology
BL2300: Research Methods in Biology
BL2301: Cell Biology
BL2302: Molecular Biology
BL2303: Evolutionary Biology
BL2304: Invertebrate Zoology
BL2305: Cell Systems
BL2306: Biochemistry
BL2307: Ecology
BL2308: Vertebrate Zoology
BL2309: Applied Molecular Biology
BL2310: Comparative Physiology
BL2901: Environmental Biology
BL3000: Field Course
BL3301: Protein Structure Function
BL3302: Gene Regulation
BL3303: Membranes and Cell Communication
BL3307: Evolution
BL3308: Aquatic Ecology
BL3309: Ecosystems and Conservation
BL3310: Bioenergetics
BL3311: Infection Disease
BL3315: Developmental Biology
BL3316: Animal Plant Interactions
BL3318: Biology of Marine Organisms
BL3319: Animal Behaviour A Quantitative Approach
BL3320: Practical Statistics for Biologists
BL3322: Basic Biochemistry Laboratory
BL3323: Terrestrial Zoology
BL4200: Literature based Research Project
BL4201: Experimental Research Project
BL4210: Practical Skills for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
BL4211: Antimicrobials mode of action and resistance
BL4212: How enzymes work
BL4213: Molecular virology
BL4215: Bacterial virulence factors
BL4216: Structure based Drug Discovery
BL4222: Metabolic and Clinical Biochemistry
BL4223: Molecular and cell biology of eukaryotic replication
BL4224: Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Trafficking
BL4225: Seeing is Believing Microscopy and Image Analysis in Cell and Developmental Biology
BL4226: Chromatin and Genome stability
BL4232: Neuroethology
BL4249: Scientific diving
BL4251: Tropical Marine Biology
BL4254: Fisheries Research
BL4255: Marine and Environmental biotechnology
BL4256: Marine bioacoustics
BL4258: Foraging in Marine Mammals
BL4259: Marine Mammals and Man
BL4260: Biological Oceanography
BL4262: Physical Oceanography
BL4263: The Question of Culture in Cetaceans
BL4266: Conservation Research Methods
BL4268: Scientific Communication in Biodiversity and Conservation
BL4270: Plant environment Interactions
BL4274: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
BL4275: Evolution in action
Bl4278: Biology of Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Vertebrates
BL4279: The CRISPR system for Antiviral Defence and Genome Engineering
BL4280: Evolution and Human Behaviour
BL4285: Complex Systems in Animal Behaviour
BL4286: Advanced Topics in Ecology and Evolution
BL4288: Major Review in Evolutionary Biology
BL4289: Animal Cognition
BL4301: Polar Ecology A field course in Antarctica
BL4603: External Research Placement
BL5000: Research Project Development and Methodology
BL5410: Advanced Topics in Biomolecular Sciences
BL5411: Advanced Topics in Biology
BL5499: Advanced Laboratory Reseach Project