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Biology Research Committee

Convenor: Prof Mike Ritchie
Minutes: Biology Research Committee

    Biology Research Committee Remit:

    • To analyse patterns of funding, collaboration, and publications within the School and develop a rolling research strategy.
    • To raise the profile of research within the School. Including using all means to promote the research strategy and achievements of the School.
    • To oversee and promote efforts to facilitate external recognition and measures of esteem for school members.
    • To support the development of our Institutes and Centres and to provide advice on their progress to the Management Group.
    • To provide advice and support to staff about how to obtain research funding and oversee the grant application process (e.g. grant checklist).
    • To help provide potential funding for members of staff returning from a leave of absence.
    • To oversee Research Council grant pre-screening initiatives.
    • To oversee and plan the annual School Research Day.
    • To recommend priorities to the Management Group for strategic initiatives.
    • To advise the Head of School and Director of Research on all matters relating to research.
    • To disperse limited funds for specific research opportunities.
    • To look after the interests and represent the Schools community of contract researchers and independent research fellows.

    To meet as often as necessary to discharge the Terms of Reference and not less than once each semester and to report to the Staff Council at least annually.

    Additionally, the Director of Research remit:

    • To sit on the School Management Group (MG) and report on research matters.
    • To represent the School of Biology at the University Research Forum and report these meetings back to the Head of School and MG.
    • To oversee the early career staff mentorship programme.
    • To sit on the University Biological Safety Committee.
    • To bring matters concerning research and funding opportunities to the attention of the School through the Friday newsletter or direct communication.

      Committee Members

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      Prof David Evans Professor 01334 46 3396
      Prof Oscar Gaggiotti MASTS Professor 01334 463513
      Dr Tracey Gloster Reader 01334 467245
      Prof Vincent Janik Professor of Biology
      Director of Scottish Oceans Institute 01334 467214
      Prof Anne Magurran Professor 01334 463506
      Donna Pierz-Fennell School Manager 01334 463626
      Prof Mike Ritchie Professor 01334 463495
      Dr V Anne Smith Senior Lecturer 01334 463368

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