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Biology Management Group

Convenor: Prof Frank Gunn-Moore
Minutes: Biology Management Group

Management Group Remit:

The Management Group, which is chaired by the Head of School, meets monthly to discuss operational and strategic issues with respect to research, teaching and infrastructure. The Management Group advises the Head of School and formulates School policy, which is subject to discussion and approval at the School Council.

Members include:
Head of School
Deputy Head of School
Directors of Research, Teaching, Impact and Postgraduate Studies
Convenors for External Relations/Public Engagement and Equality and Diversity committees
Representatives of School Administration
Directors of each of the three major research centres in the School:
Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC)
Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD)
Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI)

Committee Members

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Dr Verena Dietrich-Bischoff Lecturer (Education-Focused) 01334 464812
Prof Frank Gunn-Moore Professor of Molecular Neurobiology, Head of School 01334 463525
Prof Susan Healy Professor / Director of Centre for Biological Diversity 01334 462065
Prof Sascha Hooker Professor 01334 467201
Prof Vincent Janik Professor of Biology
Director of Scottish Oceans Institute 01334 467214
Dr Stuart MacNeill SULSA Reader in Translational Biology 01334 467268
Dr Jacqueline Nairn Senior Lecturer 01334 463604
Dr Simon Northridge Senior Lecturer 01334 462654
Donna Pierz-Fennell School Manager 01334 463626
Prof Mike Ritchie Professor 01334 463495
Dr Judith Sleeman Senior Lecturer in Cell and Developmental Biology 01334 463524
Prof Terry Smith Professor 01334-463412
Prof Peter Tyack Professor 01334 462630
Ms Margaret Wilson Secretary to Head of School and Administrator BSRC 01334 463401

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