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Biology Postgraduate Committee

Convenor: Dr Stuart MacNeill
Minutes: Biology Postgraduate Committee

Under University regulations and procedures, the School Postgraduate Convenor is responsible to the Head of School for convening the School PostgraduateCommittee. (S)he has personal responsibility in three areas:

  • Training for Research Degree Programmes
  • Monitoring Progress (including dealing withproblems)
  • Dissemination of information

(With reference to the University Administrative Checklist for Convenors of School Postgraduate Committees)

  • To implement and administer the Schoolsprocedures for progress review and assessment, including reporting results forall research students annually to the Faculty Postgraduate Office.
  • To recommend registration for PhD or MPhil bythe end of the first year for those entering under General Research Ordinance12, and to recommend other changes of registration.
  • To implement and administer the Schoolspostgraduate training programme, including ensuring that training needs forindividual students are identified and acted upon.
  • To implement the Schools procedures foridentifying and addressing problems with the supervisor/student relationship,and to ensure alternative arrangements for supervision in cases of absence. Tonotify the Registry Academic Support Office of any such problems.
  • To implement the Schools procedures foridentifying and addressing the problem of persistent unsatisfactory performanceby a student. To notify the Registry Academic Support Office of any suchproblems.
  • To notify the Registry Academic SupportOffice of any requests for extension or leave of absence as soon as the need isknown.
  • To maintain a full and complete record ofcorrespondence with students.
  • To provide the link between the School andthe Registry Academic Support Office.
  • To ensure that all members of staff receiveand follow the guidelines in the Universitys Code of Practice for Supervisorsand Students in Taught and Research Postgraduate Programmes, and to ensure thatall new academic appointees attend the appropriate induction training beforetaking responsibility for any students research programme.
  • To ensure that all students receive andfollow the guidelines in the Universitys Code of Practice for Supervisors andStudents in Taught and Research Postgraduate Programmes.
  • To seek well-qualified applicants forpostgraduate places offered wholly or partly within the School.
  • To consider all applications for postgraduateplaces, to advise applicants, and to recommend acceptance (with appropriateconditions) or rejection to the Postgraduate Admissions Office, includingconfirming with Head of School that appropriate supervisory arrangements can bemade.
  • To ensure that studentships in the gift orpartial gift of the School or its staff are allocated fairly and effectively.
  • To ensure that Examining Committees arenominated at least 6 weeks in advance of the expected submission of theses.
  • To ensure that the examiners and principalsupervisors reports are copied to the Faculty Postgraduate Office at least 3working days prior to aviva voceexamination.
  • To encourage PG students to make use of allavailable facilities within the School and University, to participate inseminars, to interact widely with staff (and not just with supervisors), toattend conferences and other appropriate internal and external events.

Committee Members

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Dr Catherine Adamson Lecturer in Molecular Medicine 01334 461868
Dr Marcus Bischoff Lecturer 01334 467199
Dr Lars Boehme MASTS Lecturer 01334 462677
Prof Andrew Brierley Professor in Biology 01334 463458
Prof Will Cresswell Professor of Biology 01334 463010
Dr Maria Dornelas MASTS Lecturer 01334 463324
Prof Oscar Gaggiotti MASTS Professor 01334 463513
Dr Andy Gardner Reader 01334 463385
Prof Frank Gunn-Moore Professor of Molecular Neurobiology 01334 463525
Mrs Joyce Haynes Postgraduate Research Administrator 01334 463501
Dr Neil Hazon Reader 01334 463451/3452/3447
Dr Stuart MacNeill SULSA Reader in Translational Biology 01334 467268
Dr V Anne Smith Senior Lecturer 01334 463368

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