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Biology Postgraduate Recruitment Committee

Minutes: Biology Postgraduate Recruitment Committee

Postgraduate Recruitment Committee Remit:

To enable PIs in the School to recruit high quality PhD students by firstly providing an informative and attractive outward face to possible students (e.g. via the School website) and secondly by maintaining high standards at the interview stage. PIs submit the paperwork for students they wish to put forward for studentships available in the School and a subcommittee from the Recruitment Committee conduct the interviews of those candidates. The Interview Committee is composed of three members, one from each of the groups within the School (BSRC, HMB and SOI).

The Committee also helps to shape postgraduate recruitment policies in the School by providing advice to Management Group via the Chair of the PG Recruitment Committee.

Committee Members

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Prof Oscar Gaggiotti MASTS Professor 01334 463513
Dr Andy Gardner Reader 01334 463385
Dr Tracey Gloster Wellcome Trust Research Fellow 01334 467245
Dr Rafael Guimaraes da Silva Research Fellow 01334 463496
Mrs Joyce Haynes Postgraduate Research Administrator 01334 463501
Dr Michael Morrissey Research Fellow 01334 463738
Dr David Shuker Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology 01334 463376
Dr Ildiko Somorjai MASTS Lecturer 01334 463628

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