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Biology Teaching Committee

Convenor: Dr Gerald Prescott
Minutes: Biology Teaching Committee

The Biology Teaching Committee is a decision-making sub-committee of the staff council responsible for all matters relating to teaching. It is responsible for overseeing course development and the curriculum for all the years, ensuring that the syllabus meets good QAA practice, and deciding the overall plan of modules and progression through these academic levels. The Teaching Committee reviews examination and other assessment procedures, and is responsible for the approval and proof-reading of the Schools Audit report and entries in the University Course Catalogue and prospectus.

Committee Membership roles:

Dr Lars Boehme: Hons Adviser of Studies
Dr Grant Brown: Lead Demonstrator
Mr Andy Cole: Teaching Secretary
Dr Peter Coote: MBiochem Adviser of Studies
Dr Will Cresswell: Hons Adviser of Studies
Dr Verena Dietrich-Bischoff: 2000-level module coordinator, Deputy Exams Officer
Dr Susan Healy: Degree Programme Director: (Ecology/Evolution/Behaviour)
Dr Sonja Heinrich: Postgraduate Teaching
Dr Bill Heitler: School Examinations Officer
Dr Stuart MacNeill: Admissions
Dr Iain Matthews: Study Abroad coordinator
Dr Jacqueline Nairn: 2000-level module coordinator
Dr Simon Northridge: MMarBiol Adviser of Studies
Dr Clare Peddie: 4000-level module coordinator
Dr Gerald Prescott: Director of Teaching, Convener of Teaching Committee
Dr David Shuker: Hons Adviser of Studies
Dr Judith Sleeman: Hons Adviser of Studies
Dr Anne Smith: Pre-Hons Adviser of Studies, 1000-level module coordinator
Mr Rufus Sullivan: School President
Dr Mike Webster: Advisor of Studies, Joint Honours
Prof Malcolm White: Head of School
Prof Pat Willmer: Hons Adviser of Studies

Committee Members

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Dr Lars Boehme MASTS Lecturer 01334 462677
Dr Grant Brown Lead Demonstrator
Mr Andrew Cole Administrative Assistant (Teaching) 01334 463602
Dr Peter Coote Lecturer 01334 463406
Prof Will Cresswell Professor of Biology 01334 463010
Dr Verena Dietrich-Bischoff Teaching Fellow 01334 464812
Prof Sue Healy Professor 01334 462065
Dr Sonja Heinrich Lecturer (education-focussed) & Director of Postgraduate Taught 01334 462628
Dr Bill Heitler Reader 01334 463490
Dr Stuart MacNeill SULSA Reader in Translational Biology 01334 467268
Dr Iain Matthews Senior Teaching Fellow & Pro-Dean for the Faculty of Science 01334 463004
Dr Jacqueline Nairn Senior Lecturer (Education Focused) 01334 463604
Dr Simon Northridge Senior Lecturer 01334 462654
Prof Clare Peddie Head of School 01334 463548
Dr Gerald Prescott Director of Teaching 01334 463562
Dr David Shuker Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology 01334 463376
Dr Judith Sleeman Lecturer in Cell and Developmental Biology 01334 463524
Dr V Anne Smith Senior Lecturer 01334 463368
Dr Mike Webster Lecturer in Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology 01334 461690
Prof Pat Willmer Professor 01334 463507

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