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Biology Ethics Committee

Convenors: Prof Patrick Miller (Animal Ethics), Dr Luke Rendell (Human Ethics)
Minutes: Biology Ethics Committee

The School Ethics Committee (SEC) reviews research and teaching activities involving human subjects under the auspices of the University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC). The SEC also reviews non-licensed animal research involving nonhuman vertebrates and cephalopods.


  • Advise members of the School of Biology on ethical issues which affect them in the process of designing and conducting research
  • Advise members of the School of Biology on current best practice with respect to the treatment of animals used in research and teaching
  • Ethically review ethics applications submitted and assess and approve them or pass them on to the university AWEC (Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee) for further consideration


  • Animal Ethics Application Form (see AWEC, requires normal University ID)
  • Animal Ethics Ammendment Form(see AWEC, requires normal University ID)
  • Human Ethics Application Form (see UTREC, requires normal University ID)
  • Human Ethical Amendment Form (see UTREC, requires normal University ID)

Deadlines and Approval

Please allow sufficient time for your application to be processed. The SEC meets monthly. Submission deadlines are the end of each month (or nearest working day prior) for applications to be considered at SEC meetings held the second week of the subsequent month. You will get a response shortly after the meeting, but be aware that multiple rounds of revision may be required, such that you should allow six weeks from the submission deadline (i.e. the end of the month) to obtain an approval - nearly all applications will ultimately be completed in less time than but complicated ones may take longer. Applications with start dates preceding this six week window from the next deadline will be returned unless accompanied by an explanation of the need for expedited processing.

Additional Information

Further details and guidance relating to ethical issues can be found at


Enquiries and/or application submission to

Committee Members

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Miss Lianne Baker Secretary 01334 463369
Dr Helder Ferreira Lecturer 01334 463425
Prof Patrick Miller Professor 01334 463554
Dr Luke Rendell MASTS Reader in Biology 01334 463499
Prof Christian Rutz Professor of Biology 01334 463340

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