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Biology Equality and Diversity Committee

Convenor: Prof Sascha Hooker
Minutes: Biology Equality and Diversity Committee

For more details please see the Biology Equality and Diversity website

Committee Members

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Dr Nathan Bailey Reader 01334 463367
Mr Andrew Cole Administrative Assistant (Teaching) 01334 463602
Prof Will Cresswell Professor of Biology 01334 463010
Dr Maria Dornelas MASTS Lecturer 01334 463324
Dr Katrina Falkenberg Science Communication and Outreach Officer 01334 46 3377
Dr Helder Ferreira Lecturer 01334 463425
Mr Remi Fritzen Postgraduate Student
Dr Tracey Gloster Lecturer 01334 467245
Ms Jessica Haghkerdar Postgraduate Student
Prof Susan Healy Professor 01334 462065
Prof Sascha Hooker Professor 01334 467201
Mrs Jean Johnston BSRC Secretary 01334 463400
Prof Kevin Laland Professor 01334 463568
Dr Jacqueline Nairn Senior Lecturer 01334 463604
Mr Ashley Pearson Technician 01334 464801
Prof Clare Peddie Head of School 01334 463548
Donna Pierz-Fennell School Manager 01334 463626
Dr Kelly Robinson Research Fellow 01334 462635
Miss Natalie Sinclair Postgraduate Student 3607

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