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Biology Equality and Diversity Committee

Convenor: Dr Sascha Hooker
Minutes: Biology Equality and Diversity Committee

Athena Swan

An Athena SWAN award recognises a department's commitment to making the department and the university workplace overall a more equal place for all staff.

To make the purpose of the committee more clear to everyone, the Biology Athena SWAN committee has changed its name to the Biology Equality and Diversity Committee.

The Biology Equality and Diversity Committee encourages everyone to participate in improving transparency and fairness at all stages of a scientific career. If you have suggestions for our School Action plan, please contact anyone on the comittee.

The School of Biology has a clear and consistent alignment with the University's Equality and Diversity Inclusion Policy, under which the School has an institutional legal obligation to practice equlity of opportunity throughout its recruitment and selection process.

The University has also established a small fund for the express purpose of supporting employees with child minding or other caring responsibilities associated with attending events as part of their role. Called the Caring Fund, more details, as well as an application, can be found on the University's Carers information page.

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Committee Members

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Mr Andrew Cole Administrative Assistant (Teaching) 01334 463602
Dr Nicki Cook Postdoctoral Research Assistant 01334 463362
Prof Will Cresswell Professor of Biology 01334 463010
Dr Maria Dornelas MASTS Lecturer 01334 463324
Dr Andy Gardner Reader 01334 463385
Miss Georgina Glaser Postgraduate Student 01334 463500
Dr Nora Hanson Research Fellow 01334 462635
Dr Sue Healy Reader 01334 462065
Dr Sascha Hooker Reader 01334 467201
Prof Kevin Laland Professor 01334 463568
Chris McKnight Postgraduate Student
Ms Stefanie Menzies PhD Student 01334 463417
Prof Patrick Miller Professor 01334 463554
Ms Donna Pierz-Fennell School Manager 01334 463626
Dr Rona Ramsay Reader 01334 463411
Dr Kelly Robinson Research Fellow 01334 462635
Dr Sophie Smout Lecturer 01334 461829
Prof Malcolm White Professor 01334 463432

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