Annual report 2019

The annual equality and diversity report is available for 2019. This report does not consider centrally-held data (e.g., school composition), which are currently under particular scrutiny for the Athena Swan Application. We check the school-held data for our annual equality and diversity monitoring, looking at data concerning (1) the workload model, (2) seminar speakers, and (3) the gender composition of the School of Biology Committees.


Patterns in overall workload and its components (research, teaching, service) are documented based on anonymised workload model data.  There are gender differences, with women contributing disproportionately to service, but to some extent, this is desirable in order to ensure representation. This should not be detrimental to career progression, provided service contributions are adequately valued.  Committees generally show good representation, although we note committees which may require attention.  Seminar series remain generally balanced, but there have been exceptions and we note the need to remain vigilant to this.

The Biology E&D officer’s annual report 2019 can be viewed here.

(for St Andrews staff only; requires VPN access from outside the university)