Cassie Stoddard to give the 2020 Women and Girls in Science public lecture

Princeton biologist Mary (Cassie) Stoddard will give the 2020 Women and Girls in Science Public Lecture in The Byre Theatre on March 16th. Her lecture, entitled “The Extraordinary World of Birds and their Eggs”, will describe Cassie’s groundbreaking research into animal colouration and patterning, and the evolution of eggs, plumage and camouflage. Cassie joined the Princeton University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology as an Assistant Professor in 2016. She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University, where she researched avian vision and plumage color evolution at the Peabody Museum of Natural History. She then received a Marshall Scholarship and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to study at the University of Cambridge, where she completed her PhD research. Cassie joined the Harvard Society of Fellows in 2012 as a Junior Fellow and was named a 2013 L’Oreal USA For Women in Science Fellow. She is a 2018 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and a 2018 Packard Fellow. More about her exciting research can be found here.